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Hi, don't want to sell it but here we go....

2000 Subaru 2.5rs Blue with 154k mi. The car has had all the maintenance up to date and then some. The car runs awesome adn is a third vehicle for me. I originally bought this car for a autox st prep car and has won me a 1st place trophy. I do drive this car most days as well and is a very nice every day driver, not to many things done to the point of being a jerk on your daily commute. Here are some things that i have done since I've owned it..... Last 8k mi or less
Mod list...
- 4) 17x8 Fno1rc Wheels with fresh powder coat
- 4) hankook rs-3 less than 4k mi and 3 autox on them wtih a rotate
-d2 off the shelf coilovers
- jdm sti front tower brace carbon fiber
-Perrin crank pulley
-short ram intake ( ebay)
-jdm sti pitch mount.. new uninstalled
- Rally Tech front and rear sway bar kit
- Whiteline Roll Center kit, ball js, tie rods
-wrx front hubs with bearings
-powerslot front and rear rotors
-stoptech front and rear pads
-braided lines front and rear
-carbing shift nob
-10k front hid
-3k fog hids
-Front lip painted
-Rear DIY x brace behind rear seat
-rear tower brace polished not sure what brand
-lower cusco tie bar
-borla rep header
-custom race midpipe with "cheater" look alike cat ( really a test pipe )
-m2 polished stainless catback for a wrx
-kartboy hangers
-kics magnetic drain plug
-master cyl. brace
Maintenance items....
-New coolant jug
-New radiator
-New timing belt
-New cam seals
-new water pump and coolant flush
-Exedy stage oem clutch kit
-Redline sythetic fluid in trans and rear diff
-Penzoil ultra synthetic in motor
-New driver rear hub bearing
-4) pulstar Iridium plugs
-New fuel filter
-New Fuel Filler neck
-Also has had a complete respray by professional shop with dings fixed and any suface rust on rear quarters.... looks awesome!
Sorry for the poor quality I-phone pics and a dirty car wasn't prepared to take the pics when I did and its raining today so here it is...

Pictures by allwheeldrift - Photobucket

I will also mention that the car was involved in a slight front end accident that branded the title, no bags deployed but wanted to get everything out in the ad. With this being said $ 7900 is a deal for a car set up like this. No part outs no trades Thanks
NOW $7500!!!!..........7100 obo

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Yeah don't let that worry you the car is super clean and It gets looks like crazy, I've had a lot of cars ( s2000, wrx , rx7 , few civics ect ect ) and this prob has been the most looked at and just fun car all around. Hate to sell but going to do a full track car and this is to nice to hack up. Thanks for the responses

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to kevosnowsti: If you notice the prices of a stock rusty turb bucket of a rs is still 6 grand you will notice that this is a heck of a deal on a car prepped like this but thanks for the sideways compliment/bump

2000 Impreza OBS
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Boy I would like to take it off your hands! But all I've got to give is insurance money from previous totaled car, and I cant make it past 6500. Sorry. But looks great! Good luck with the sale!
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