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Automatic Transmissions RULE

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Fall of the i-club

The truth come out finaly.
Check out bruce lees thread on the fall of the i-club.
I now am very bored with the i-club, this site might be smaller and hve less people but the subject matter is alot better.
It is nice to talk to people that knew about subarus before the first WRX commerical!!!!
Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the new car, but the new owners that know nothing at all about what they are getting into, or the background of the cars tend to bother me.
I do my best to get new buyers to understand,but you can only do so much!
Pic.s on the i-club of wrxs with deep chrome wheels,NO NO NO!!!!!
OK I'll stop ranting, just afew of my opinions.

sean mahaney
2000 2.5rs
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:boxer: :biggest: :flame: ;) :checkit:
Well like I said I'll do what I can with the SCIC but even then our forum there may "dissappear" soon.
Well like I said I'll do what I can with the SCIC but even then our forum there may "dissappear" soon
when moderators from other regions are patrolling us, things aren't too homely.

Sid I talked to Alex and that person should not bother us again unless I am not able to post or take care of things (even then you guys aren't "bad" like the "rep" says you are :curse: .
Good didn't need help from anywhere else. keep up the good work.

Reading Brucelee's post was depressing. Such animosity between the generations :(.
can u put a link to that bruce lee's comment

can u put alink to bruce lee's comment?
All I get is "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later. " Ten times in a row! :lol:

I hope I never get that popular! Now thank goodness all you folks are over here - we didn't contribute to the Fall of the I-Club. :D

My server is a 6% CPU right now... :cool:
Oh, I almost forgot, they have a post for the fall of the RS club, too, you know. Search for something like "look what they get to do" and

They had a pointer to my old girlie thread... then the mod locked it! :lol:
You know, I still go on there to look at socal and off topic sometimes. But the last few times I've just logged off because I don't feel like waiting for the pages to load.


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well the whole thread sounds like a bit melodrama:boxer:

I have nothing against any Subaru owners and it is sad to see this thing happening.

I just hope that we dont' become enemies with i-club.
I'm just moving on. accepting changes. No matter what,
WRX will outnumber RS down the line and we will become minority.

We are worth it as what we are and we don't need to fight for it. I mean we're happy with our cars and I think that matter most.

Shoot last thing Hondas will want is us to break-up:boxer:
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I'm not here to make enemies with the I-club either. But we were always a minority and I loved that, for one, and I still do! :D
:biggest: Yeah, i-club isn't the devil :devil: But now with WRX crap taking over all of the forums it's a good thing we have an tiGHT alternative:stinky: with lots:curse: of cool:sunny: smilies:biggest: . sOooo, i wanna sport it....go make more Decals!!! NOW!!!! :happynow:

Friends don't let friends drive Automatic
dRu 888 said:
Friends don't let friends drive Automatic
I drive an automatic buddy, watchit! And I occasionally came in first place in SCCA events, so there! :p :lol:
Don't get me wrong I don't want to devide us. I don't have anything wrong with new wrx buyers. After all I sit here selling them everyday. We are a small group that has to stick together. My problem is with SOME of the new buyers that are trying to draw a line between us and don't understand that we need to stick together.

We all have had the time when we've come across a new wrx gave them the thums up and got ignored. That is what I have a compaint about. I'm doing all I can to make the new buyers understand that we are a cool, group of people to hang with and can share our knowlage(spelling) and experiances with each other. They are buying a product that has a good group of people standing behind it , take advantage of it!!!!! said:

I drive an automatic buddy, watchit! And I occasionally came in first place in SCCA events, so there! :p :lol:

whoa whoa, sorry about that James :biggest: :biggest: Didn't mean to offend you. Be proud to be an auto......ur very cool......:D :happynow: =/


Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Automatic

:eek: :) :happynow:

=P j/p
:lol: I love giving people shit for giving 4EAT owners crap.

It's not the transmission it's the driver. AND, heh, in fact, when I turbo my car what do you want to bet that I don't have to do DICK to my transmission - no clutch, no problems with second gear, nada. Try THAT with a stick. Puny, weak, pathetic stick.

Oh, and for the MY00 RS, 0-60 times are identical, and I get 1mpg better milage in town.

So THERE! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oh, and don't MAKE me change that signature of yours! :lol:

(Just kidding, I'm not going to change it! :biggest: )
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