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Autocross Sat. 26, 2002 @ Clemson

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CSCC is holding another autocross this weekend on the Clemson Campus. The parking lot is off the west endzone of Death Vally. Registration starts at 8:00 and ends at 9:30 prompt. The website address is:
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Holy short notice, Batman!!!
Sorry for the short notice, but I've been out of town for damn near three weeks. Heck, I only found out about it myself. :D

I wonder if the Porter Pad is open for crashing tomorrow night? Call my cellie @ (803) 236-3855 if it is.
damn it
today is the 26th Shit i can't make it. Tim when can I come and ride horses?
We'll try and set up a time when we can do a BBQ too. Let me know what will work for you and I will see if my spousal unit is agreeable.
Anytime is good for me. Just name a weekend and most likely I can work around it. Actually i don't even wanna ride the horses....Christine does.
Dammit! I was in Winston-Salem all weekend; Sunday I had nothing to do and I could have gone to an autocross instead! :curse:

Crap. Anyone know when the next autocross in NC/SC area is?
BBQ?? I'm there! Let me know Tim, I'll bring Adriane with me.
Did someone say Barbecue?

Hey man, I'm there! Horses, well I don't really have an interest in them. But hey I'll come down for the fun of it anyway. :)
Lets not forget the dirt roads around here too... Beer, BBQ, Horses, Women, and Cars. :)

Hell, today is beautiful! We should be doing it now!
All the more better! So when are we doing this? :)
The weather is supposed to be good this weekend. Saturday anyone? If ya'll want, I'll clear it with my spousal unit. :D
Sorry man; I can't do it this Saturday. :(

I have an i-club meet at 7:30 on Saturday that I'm basically the main organizer of. hehe

But let me know on the next BBQ; I'll try to be there. Just where are you anyway? :)
That's okay. The wife put a nix on the idea anyway. She's working both days this weekend. I live in Sumter, SC. That's almost smack, dab in the middle of the State. :D
Tim, get yourself on AOL IM or MSN Messenger or ICQ or something so I can talk to you. We need to catch up on some stuff since the Dragon meet in Dec... ;)

IM: JPorter900
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 5631948

email: [email protected]

Heres my info if you wanna get at me

AOL IM: fiveboroboy
email: [email protected]
Well damn... I guess I'll have to try one of those damneable internet messaging programs. Last time I used one, all I got where horny chicks looking to score. :D Wife did not find it amusing. Hell, with my luck it was probably horny, gay guys looking to score. None of ya'll are lookin' to score, are ya? At least not with my short, fat, ugly arse?

Anyway.... (don't ya love it when someone starts a sentence with, 'anyway?') I'm about to quaff a few more brews, load a dirt bike in the back of a truck, and then go watch my daughter cheer at a basketball game. Considering my house is on cinderblocks, I do believe that qualifies me as a *******. Damn, damn, damn...

*saunters off to get another beer*

P.S. Yes, I do saunter. Why do you think them bear hunters didn't shoot us in the parking lot at the hotel? My deadly saunter! :D
Tim K said:

P.S. Yes, I do saunter. Why do you think them bear hunters didn't shoot us in the parking lot at the hotel? My deadly saunter! :D

I'll remember to take you along as a distraction to mountainfolk next time I have to travel into such areas..... :D
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