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Auto-X on 01-27-02

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Hollywood Park in Inglewood

If you are going or thinking about going, post here with your location. That way we can possibly get a caravan going. I don't know about anyone else, but after last Sunday's... I'm craving more. :biggest:
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I can make it sat. if anything is going on, but I have plans for sun. already.
I'm coming from L.A. but i'll meet you guys anywhere. Any excuse to drive!!!!
I'm in Santa Ana, about 40 miles (on the 405) south of Hollywood Park. So if anyone wants to meet up just post here

OK... I just called someone in charge up there... and what he said is way different than the SD way.

Your SD # is only for SD.

For $35 - you get to run for the day with some "rented" random number.

For $20 - You buy a perminant # and a 'points card'. (I'm not sure the purpose of the points card)

With a 'points card' - running fee is only $20

a) you pay $35 for the day or
b) you pay $40 for the day and $20 an event (if you go) for the remainder of the year.

If you are a SCCA member... i dunno (didn't ask).

OK.... so.... for $35-40 who's up for a day of fun???
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hmmm.... 35$.... must resist urge.... becoming addicted already... agghh....

you think thats air you're breathing? hum....

I'm going for sure on sunday. I cleared my schedule.
heck i'm unemployed so my shedule is always clear :biggest:
I'm on the way from santa ana near the 405 as well.


Anyone else???

Common... it could be fun.... hehehe

The next San Diego Auto-X will be held on Feb. 10th in the west lot at the Q.
when and where are we going to meet?

also there's another autocross on feb 16/17 in fontana
at the california speedway
For those interested in going and know the area and/or diections, please post meeting places.
hey sunny,
How about you meet me at the corner of Fairview St. and Macarthur Blvd.
there is a shopping center right there (Pick Up Sticks, Rubio's, Subway, Juice Stop) I'll be in the middle of the parking lot.
I would like to leave around 7:00 (What time were you planning on leaving?)

Bris, It's right off the 405 freeway about 2 blocks, just take the fairview exit. do you think you and any SD people could make it by 7:00 and we can pick up anyone else on the way

be there at 7 huh....thats asking a lot. but i should be able to do it.
i'm farther up the 405 off of westminster blvd.
how about coming and getting me a little farther up toward me?
pretty please (and I can get a few more minutes of sleep).

7:00AM!!!! :eek: Ok... I'll do it.... anything for you. JK
That means I'm going to have to leave my house at like 5. Meet Jeff at like 6... see mike at 7, sunny at 7:15?, and ... TMR... where you from? You going? Anyone else? Any other suggestions?
P.S. ooooohhhh.... diirrrrrttttt....uuummmm......
So... are you going to join us????
There's a practice autoX @ the Q on saturday the 26 here in SD. You guys can go both days if you don't mind the drive :) So, hope to see some of you guys @ the Q

how much is the prac at the Q on sat?
I'm on the phone with Judy Becker right now......

dum de dum....

Well she said she'll call me in an hour to give me all the details.

Thanks for the 'up' vic!
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