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Auto-X 6th & 7th at the Q

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Be there!
practise event on the 6th
main event on the 7th
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Did I hear someone calling "Cleanup aisle two, cleanup aisle two" over the intercom? Okay, I took care of that for ya.... :lol: :p
LMAO!! Thanks James!
See Sean.... I always win... don't mess with girls!
The one time I see James edit something and it is the wrong deal.

Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x Rally-x


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SEAN! You little post-whoring monkey!
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ooo... i'll prolly go. Does it cost anything? how much? (to watch, not race)

Sean: whose car is that???

And I'm not just posting to get my postcount up either... really! Ok... maybe a little. Work is slow... blah. :sunny:
[email protected] SUBARU said:
The one time I see James edit something and it is the wrong deal.
Can't a guy have ANY fun on his own web site? :lol:
I will be there running STS, #410. Who else is going to be down there challenging me?

The Rally-x Car

is a pic i found on another web site.

You can see more cars like this when you go to Tombstone for the rally-X


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Here is another good example of a rally-x car


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I am so there! Man, I am gonna end up hating you Sean. I can see myself really getting into this. I'm already counting down until the next time I can go driving... and when I can get my car so I can really take it driving... and when I can learn how to really drive it ;)
damn i'm goin on vacation that weekend...maybe i can cut it a bit short :happynow:

Grrr... SEAN!!!!!! :boxer:
You b*tch! Stop stealing my threads!!!! :curse:
Ok... all you little rally-wanna-be's can leave now... :D
This is an AUTO-X thread ONLY!

Now.... who wants to go to the boring auto-x and watch vipers and corvettes, subies galore go hurdle themselves around cones in the middle of the Qualcom parking lot? PS. Anyone can enter, and it teaches GREAT driving skill!

And/ Or you can go watch Sean and some of his buddies kick some ass through dirt and sliding and drifting... *sigh* I'll be there....

Rally-X 6th in Corona
Auto-X 7th in SD

*addicted to dirt*
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Hey obsidian I hear ya' Dammit Sean why in the Hell did you get us into it after the meet Sunday i saw your ride and I was like:yikes: :drool: I want my car to look like that I'm soooo there hey is this palce out in Arizona? somewhere? or where is tombstone?

HIC: I'm going to try to do just what you said. I've never seen an Auto-X or Rally-X so might as well get introduced to both in one weekend :)

Frakk: Glad you're here, too. Kind of like people discovering alcohol for their first time ;)

It looks like Corona is right where the meet was (off the 91). Not too bad of a drive at all. So you going to those, Frakk? I think I'm definately in.

(and why do those smileys start animating just when i finish my post? hrmph!)
Sean: Direction to Corona please.... from the 15 to the 91 ... do you wanna meet up some where?? Have a mini-meet before event?

Anyone need directions to the Q? I doubt it.... but j.i.c...
I don't need directions to the Q but if you want to set up a meeting point for us where we could all meet up, that'd be good with me :checkit:
I'am sooooo down for that....
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