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Current Picture

*Replica JDM Ver. 6 STI front lip
*JDM Ver. 6 STi front grille
*JDM Ver. 4 STi rear bumper
*JDM Ver. 7/8 front i badge
*JDM Ver. 6 STi RA rear decal (under passenger tail light)
*JDM Ver. 6 STi rear spats
*JDM Ver. 6 STi tail lights
*JDM FHI Subaru clear corner lights
*JDM Ver. 6 STi fog covers
*JDM Ver. 6 STi flat fuel door kit
*JDM Ver. 4 STi (2.5 RS coupe) rear spoiler
*S5 replica vents
*JDM Ver. 6 STi aero mud guards
*Crystal clear bumper lights
*Crystal clear side repeaters
*Original 2.5 RS/Subaru badging is debadged
*RSTI rear badging
*20% window tint

*98 wrx type RA Seats, front and rear.
*Blitz DCII turbo timer
*JDM STi Ver. 6 red hazard light switch
*JDM STi Ver. 6 pedal set
*STi black floor mats
*HKS limited edition white delrin shift knob
*Modded to accept 52mm oem center dash gauge pod
*Defi sti genome 52mm electronic boost gauge
*Defi sti genome 52mm electronic oil temp
*defi sti genome 52mm electronic oil pressure gauge
*JVC HD radio single din head unit
*Alpine Type-S 6.5" coaxial speakers (front and rear)
*Alpine Type-R 2ohm sub
*Sony 1000 watt amp
*Zealous Interiors shift boot
*Zealous Interios E-brake boot
*Zealous Interios padded arm rest
*Custom mounted 3g LTE 2013 nexus 7
*3M brushed black metallic wrap
*Custom wireless QI hidden charger

*2001 JDM Ver. 7 STi RA engine (276 CHP stock (tuned to 307 WHP via Open Source tuning by ECS Performance), fully forged internals, 8250 RPM rev limit)
*1998 JDM Ver. 4 STi 5 speed transmission (4.44 final drive ratio)
*ACT street clutch
*JDM IHI VF34 turbo
*Custom front mount intercooler with custom bent and powdercoated piping (ECS Performance)
*Tial BOV
*Walbro 255LPH fuel pump
*APS turbo inlet
*Custom bent and powdercoated cold air intake (ECS Performance)
*stainless steel catless up pipe
*Invidia high-flow catted 3" downpipe w/divorced wastegate
*JNA Performance 3" catback exhaust
*2 piece light weight pulley set (crank and alternator)
*ARP head studs
*Crawford head gaskets
*Kartboy short shifter
*Subaru rear differential protector
*SPT battery tie down
*GMS aluminum radiator
*Torqflo slimline radiator fans (12" and 10")
*Custom JNorth radiator shroud
*JDM Ver. 6 STi in-fender coolant overflow reservoir
*Vision Grounding kit
*rallytech SS engine bolt kit (TBI)
*Stainless steel break fluid reservoir cap
*Stainless steel PS reservoir
*custom spiderman dipstick
*Stainless steel radiator shroud
*motocam 360 hood struts
*trunk battery relocation

*Winter-Good year Ice grip wrt 215/45/17 on 17x7.5 Rota Formel wheels Plastidipped red
*summer Michelin pilot sport 3 215/45/17 on prodrive gc010e 17x7.5 +48
* Summer-Hankook ventus v12 215/45/17 tires
*ISC coilover suspension
*JDM STi carbon fiber front strut bar
*2005 Legacy GT turbo front brake upgrade
*Subaru H6 rear brake rotor upgrade
*DBA front slotted/powder coated brake rotors
*Hawk HPS brake pads (front and rear)
*Techna-Fit Stainless steel brake lines (front and rear)
*Whiteline power steering rack bushings (TBI)
*Perrin 25mm rsb (TBI)
*boxed in oem trailing arms
*Ebay rear strut bar
*tuckin99 fender braces
*Perrin spherical rear endlinks (TBI)

00 rsti
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My second car I ever owned was a 2001 L. I bought it because I needed something reliable, that got better gas milage than the previous Suburban I had, and would get me up our massive hill in the winter. So it was perfect, until I had a slight fender bender. That fender bender was actually a good thing because I would be fixing it myself and when searching for parts and info I found my new addiction, I began modding it on top of the fixes I was doing, with the attitude "Well this is broken I might as well upgrade it". I also replaced things that didn't need fixing as well and ended up with a supper stiff stock 2.2 L with a few body upgrades and rice. (I'm glad I got that out of my system 4 years ago). But here is how she looked.

Next I made a bad decision I gave up the L for a rs. A lemon of an rs to be exact. I rushed looking for one payed to much and bought it at night 4 hours away and got stuck with a bunch of problems including burning oil and coolant and a slipping clutch. So I rebuilt the engine and got rid of it before I went out of the country for a few months. Here was the lemon.

For the next year and a half I went on a subaru hiatus. I found my dream truck and began a full frame off restoration on my 71 k-10 chevy. Here is how my other baby currently sits as she is almost done.

So that brings us to now. Early 2012 I was searching every night looking for a already swapped subie to buy. I would have loved to pick up a shell and build one from the ground up myself but right now I dont have the time to do that. Any who, after many emails and hours of searching I finally zeroed in on one that seemed perfect for me. Many of you may recognize this rsti as it was one of the first swaps to be done by ECS. So after making the 9 hour drive up to Washington DC I purchased Mikes old subaru (Legacy2003). More info can be found on it here

The day I got it

00 rsti
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I put in some 3 gauge wire to my amp. There was tiny 12 gauge on it before. It sounds a lot better. It super thick, thicker than my jumper cables.

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Well besides maintaining it right now not a whole lot is going to happen till next spring/summer. I have to get my truck finished first.

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I'm diggin the plastidip! Great looking car. Curious how the widebody fenders fit with your old school bumper on your L. Did you modify the bumper at all or did the replicas fit pretty decent without the widebody bumper

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They fitted up fine, I just pulled them out like an inch and bolted it up, its plastic after all.

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I am making a to do/wish list for this spring/summer. Either I can fix some stuff on the body and do a respray or redo the rear end and with the parts below and undercoat with por15 when every thing is off.

Also replace the nuts & bolts with titanium, no more snapping rusty bolts, plus lighter

What would you do?
Sexy rear end or a fresh new body?

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Of coarse I would either paint or powder coat all of those components red to go with my whole silver with red accents theme.

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Godpseed can't make a swaybar that doesn't seem to want to snap, there is no way Id ever trust any other component from them. Those spherical ends, exposed, would be the bane of my existance. Way too much noise, and I can't imagine their tolerances/material choices are up to snuff considering their price. To match that nice of a subframe with that cheesy of a trailing link is silk hat on a sows ear.

Titanium hardware - depends where it's made, like any other hardware replacements, regardless of material. Personally, I wouldn't risk it unless I knew the source first hand. The few grams being saved are essentially useless (IMHO).
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