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ATTN: Indianapolis folks

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10thWarrior, Rpone605 and I will be in your great town to pic up some race tires the 16th of february...
where is a good place to meet, and what are you all doing that weekend? I'd like to meet more cool GC8RS
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yeah, are go-karts open their this time of year?
yea come on..reply and help us out.

I own a '02 RS so I'm not a true GC8 person and as always I will be working. I can tell you when anything is going on because I'm working. There are three indoor karting places in town. I passed this info two a couple of, hold your breath, WRX guys in town. They are good guys and are really getting into their cars. I haven't really met many other Impeza owners. Hopefully, when the SoloII season begins I will meet some more.
if there cool by you then it should be alright.

the biggest thing shawn/10thwarrior and I are looking for is a meeting place.

basically this.

a: affordable hotel in a safe area (dunno how indi is)
b: go karts (duh!)
c: some places to go clubbin or whatever.

Give me an idea of what reasonable rates are. I stay in hotel almost every weekend but never pay the bill so I am basically clueless.

The import scene, in general, is just begining to catch on here. There are a some import tuners popping up and a few of those carry parts for Subies. you might try getting a hold of:

They have hosted several events and might be able to give some good advice on places to stay.

Kart places:
Northside...Fast Times...317-566-0066
Downtown(I think)...Indy Karting Center...317-972-6666
Westside...Stefan Johansson Karting Center...317-297-5276

As far as clubing is concerned Downtown is safe with several clubs. My favorite is the Broad Ripple Area. Six miles north of downtown, lots of clubs in a small area. About 3 miles from the Fast Times karting place.

Hope you guys have fun
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if it's under 80bucks and not a roach motel then it's cool with me.

i just don't wanna drop an ton of cash on a hotel ya know.

so know we just have to figure out where to meet.
Karts, cars and clubbing! I like the way this weekend is shaping up! Any of you guys want to go karting and clubbing with us?
Like I said I am out of the loop because of work. You guys should try to get ahold of Elwood(Jim) or Dbrier(Dale) At the I-club Site. I have tried to get their attention but evidently have failed. I know they hit the midwest forum from time to time.

Good Luck and have fun.

Try contacting Dale at:

[email protected]

Like I said...Have fun!
Finally, Streetman has found his way to this site. Yes, the same Streetman from that other place.

First off, the best deal in town is the Extended stay America. About $50 a night, with a full kitchen. Might cut down on your food costs. There's one off Lakeshore drive on the Northside that I stayed at once. Nice enough. No pool or workout center though, if you need that. It's on the SAFE north side.

As far as that goes, look for places around 86th and Keystone (Keystone at the Crossing), or all the way downtown. Through the middle is the DMZ, seperated by the 38th parallel (38th ST). Don't go there. Right by the airport is OK too. All depends on where you're going I suppose.

As far as clubbing goes, you're not going to find a scene like Miami, but we've got something. Most of the bars are more of the pool playing do nothing bars, with a small dance floor. Or were you talking about looking for baby seals?

Whatever it takes, I guess, I'll do it. Let me know what you guys want to do, I'll set it up. I'm always up for a party, and missed the last time people came to town. Call me if you want. 317-815-6608. Email is [email protected]
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Damn...There goes the neighborhood,and I thought we were well hidden...........;)

Glad to see you made it!:D

StiShawn...Streetman has the inside track(sorry about that) on karting. That is if he still works at Fast Times.
hey streetman, thanx for the info. we're just looking for a cheap place to crash friday night and some bars to hit while we're in town. not looking to get studio 54 on the scene or anything. i definitely want to meet some local owners, either for a good time at a bar firday night or for go-karting bragging rights on saturday. i've never been to indy before so anysuggestions would be helpful.
OK, "Club" 54 closed in Indy, so we're good there. I suppose they should have let me in the door the night I wore sandles. What a bunch of jackasses. Am I correct to assume you would be more partial to somewhere that has pool/foosball tables than a dance floor? What do you want here? How about the state's oldest blues bar? By the way, STiShawn said the 16th. Friday is the 15th. When are ya showin up?

Regardless, I can take you to biggest dive, do nuthin bar in town, or the hottest club, or whatever. Karting is no problem. Just got fired on Thursday. Yep, fired from a go kart track. Pretty lame. I didn't do anything, that's why I got fired. I'm not lazy, just didn't hit a few yellows when I should have, let a few people bump a little more than I should have, etc, etc. Basically loosing interest, and not being up for the task everyday. I'm not on great terms, but not on bad terms either. They'll still take my money there. I actually didn't get officially fired. My boss said I need to find a new job, or get my hours cut. I considered it shit-canned. I'd still love to race there though. It's only $20, and fun as hell. It'd actually be fun to go back and break a kart.

Let me know what type of bar scene you're into, and when you're showing up. Being I have no job right now (and not at all looking), I suppose I'll have to make time to drink. Brewpub? Mmmmmmm...micro brew.

Talk amongs yourselves, gimmee specifics, and I'll work out the details.
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We'll be driving down Friday night, hanging out Saturday and leaving Sunday IIRC. Blues Bar sounds cool, so does a pool hall...Karting is a must as I have serious racing withdrawls right now.....ttthhhhee sssshakess are gettttting worrse...
studio 54, club 54, same thing. like i said, not too interested in indy hoochie. pool hall or blues sounds pretty good. you will definitly have drinking company and i'm always willing to help with revenge plots :) BTW, shawn and i probably won't get to indy til around midnight friday. still want to go and have a good time though. saturday, i think karts are definitly in order. we'll leave either late saturday night or sunday morning (play that one by ear).

i'd be all about that.

btw i'm driving down on saturday so you guys know. g/f has to work friday night.

but i'd be up for good dinner, karts, and a few drinks.
OK, got it.

Friday night might be good to hit the bars closer to here, as you're not sure when you are showing up. I know the neighborhood do nuthin bars around here. One has live music which is good about half the time. Or if you're into mass chaos, we could go to Broad Ripple (tons of bars), and go crazy. Just to let you know, they're open til 3AM, and we're on eastern time right now. Indiana's goofy that way. We'll be on central in Spring.

If you guys want to meet here, I can take you around. You don't want to have drinks in this town with an out of state plate. Very strict, very suspicious of any foriegners. I could actually put you guys up here if you want to do this cheap. I'll rent you my place for a free beer at the bar. I've got two beds that aren't in use, and a massive couch that I think is more comfortable than the beds. I will let you know that my place is no Marriot. It's clean, but under construction. Unless I really get on my horse, I'll still only have wooden subfloors in half the house when you arrive. Looks a little strange, but works for me. If that works for you, it's here for the taking.

As far as Saturday goes, I'm all about heading downtown. Wanted to do it last month, and work screwed it up. The Slippery Noodle Inn is where it's at. Oldest bar in Indiana. It's actually 3 bars, two live stages, and a gameroom (with foosball) between the two sides. $5 cover to see two bands. I've always had a great time. It's within walking distance to everywhere downtown too. Maybe we'll just stroll around to a couple places, and you can see the city.

Jim, Dale, "Cone Eater" (great new name), you in? We could get together for some open karting at either place, since I missed last time. Damn, I'm still pissed at myself. If we go to Johannson's though, I will have to go smell some boobies next door for a while. MMMMMmmmmmmm....boobies.

Why do I have the feeling I'm going to overdo things that weekend? Keep in touch, and I'll make sure I set this date aside from my busy schedule.
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thanks for the offer streetman! i don't know about everyone else, but i'm down for crashing at your place (i call the couch ;) ). i don't know about ryan, but i can assure you that you don't need to worry about "over doing" it with shawn and i. we like to have a good time. everything you described sounds pretty good to me. oh, and that midnight estimate is taking the time change into account.
Hey, welcome to Hoosier Hospitality. I'll give you what I've got. Hope you like it. If not, well, we'll just stay out more.

I see good tunes, and good brew in your future. I'm always up for a good time, and if I can discuss the finer points of an internal combustion engine at the the same time, I've reached total geek status. My life is nearly complete.

Except for a job, or career, (maybe both) and a wife, and a hobby, and, and, and...OK, maybe I need a few small things. But that weekend sounds good to me for right now.
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