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To all those who lurk here, :D

As I've created one Sticky thread today, what I want to do now, is create a reference point for engine model codes. That's another (very) common question that comes up, so in the spirit of keeping this site's tech forums friendly, informational and professional, I implore you! :)

I love to write, so I could type all day long, however my technical knowledge on this particular subject, is lacking. What I'm thinking of is something like this FAQ thread on NASIOC:

However, it's relatively old. Updated somewhat, but still old. I'd like it to be similar, but perhaps even more concise. Very specific engine model codes, corresponding years, USDM, EDM and JDM. Some of the people here, and you know who you are, are extremely knowledgeable in this area. We could even link to wiring diagrams, and such. (Sites like, and will come in handy, here.)
So, put it to good use and help out all the n00bs and old salts, alike!

When we get something great compiled, I'll edit the thread title and Stick it up. As for body codes, here's another good one:

That seems to be pretty concise as-is, so maybe we can just be sure it's accurate and up-to-date? Once we find out the body codes for the 2008+ car too, I want those in here. My guess is:

Hatch = GH
Sedan = GE

But one never knows. :)

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