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I have an idea but I don't know if it will work for this club or even it's it's easy to do for you. or if it's even a good idea for this crowd...but I know of other boards that have girls forums that are "hidden" so guys can't post...if it turns into a bunch of junk like before maybe that's an option for the board...I know that it works well on other boards.

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horatio102 said:
you and the two other girls could have SO much fun. :rolleyes:


Oh wait. This isn't fight club. Sorry. :)
:rolleyes: At least we're here...go find something better to do then mess with me or my ideas, you are posting for no other reason then to be an ass or cause trouble. Grow up.:D
imprezadan said:
I want a guys only forum then!!!!! Angel, you are attempting to sexually discriminate! I am outraged!!!!! Really! Well, maybe not but still...............
stuff it Dan!:chomp: I don't want to hear anything from a guy to chickenshit to even come up to the drags.:p
imprezadan said:
Oh, so THAT'S how it's gonna be!!!!!!!!! I'm a busy guy and blah blah blah blah blah...................
eheh pussy:devil:
imprezadan said:
I am what I eat(?!?!!?!)
tis not fight want action you gotta play somewhere else. i'm tired from the thinks I should go sleepy.
don't you hate when you get quoted so you even if you edit something you get screwed anyways.:roflmao:

you can suck my toes now.
:p :chomp:
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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