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AT fluid squirting out of AT pan "vents" under hard driving?

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Here is what appears to be happening.

Under hard driving (not *that* hard, IMHO) I get a goodly amount of ATF fluid shooting out of somewhere and getting onto the headers and heat shields to the front passenger side of the ATF pan.

I took it into the shop that I usually go to, and they said they could find no major leaks but there was a bit of seepage in the rear of the pan. They also told me that they had never taken the pan apart - and to my best knowledge nobody else has either.

They said it looked like the fluid was coming out of overflow vents above/front of the pan. The guy told me he his dragster does it quite often too; when the RPMs and load get high the fluid heats up and can overflow if there is too much in there.

I've check the tranny dipstick and can't make heads or tails of the damn thing. It could be overfilled, but the level looked OK (the highest dot wasn't covered with fluid, but the others were).

Still though, it shouldn't be leaking from ANYWHERE assuming the proper amount of fluid is in there, correct?

I'm going to go get a flush and fill done with B&M trickshift ATF fluid at Jiffy Lube sometime this week. Is this advisable?
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You know, that's strange. There's a thread on another forum I frequent that had a four year bump today, too. I think it's building to an epidemic!
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