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acadia green 97 brighton coupe
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Well, after 5 years of ownership, 4 wrecks(none my fault! god bless women on cellphones and ford vehicles..), my 97 brighton was totalled after a hit and run in a construction zone in April. Here's pics of the "Green Hornet" as the local Oklahoma Subaru Crew came to know it..

Mods to the Hornet:
AT/MT swap-04 wrx gears with 4.111 final drive
KB short throw shifter
KB shifter bushings
KB shift knob
SS braided clutch line
Lightweight Flywheel
15x7 SSR Comp-X
MR coilovers
Rear Disc conversion
SS braided brake lines
ATE Superblue brake fluid
Sparco Monza seats
RS hood

Saw track time at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit on stock suspension, steelies, all-seasons, rear drums and 4eat. ran a 1:50.0

Went back to Hallett after coilovers, rear discs and ran a 1:44.0

Never ran the track after the MT swap due to oil leaks.

So I've been driving the Hornet still, with a busted rear end, waiting for something to come along.. Here's what did. A 1995 Impreza Coupe with front end damage for $500. 5MT, ABS, rear disc, AWD.

I had to empty the trunk through the rear seat to get to the trunk release. I dug out a box full of dirty, moldy laundry and shoes. popped the trunk and pulled all the trashed carpet out to find 6 inches of water in the spare tire well. I pulled the plug underneath to let the water out. Then I pulled the bumper cover and the bumper off and called it a night. Tonight I removed the hood and driver's seat. Tomorrow I'm removing the other seat and console to remove the carpet and start cleaning and searching for rust as I remove the sound deadening material. I will try to take pics each night of the progress made.

Plans for the car
minimal interior
97-01 front end conversion(donated from the Hornet)
v6 sti spoiler
flat blue paint job

8-3-08 Update
water in the right side of the trunk, no drain plug so i had to drill a hole..

oh noes no interi0rz


radiator and a/c condensor removed

moldy socks! thought i got all the laundry out of there..

different angle on the front

i has cracks

i has rusts

i has no sound deadening

i has flat tires on the passenger side

interior again

bare assed

rear damage

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