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AQUA wing

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Not a bad looking wing.

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heres what the front looks like.....wonder if it comes with the turn signals
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Wizard of O.Z. said:
I liked it since it looked different. But yeah that rear under spoiler is FUGLY!

Here's another wing I saw at the MRT site.

But they have a 22B adjustable replica that looks nice for around $300+shipping.
stay far away from mrt's replica 22b has been known to crack...from prepping to paint and shipping and all that great stuff...irvine subaru stopped carrying it because they were tired of fixing the cracks iirc
i believe that the back of the aqua kit would look better if it was actually molded to the back bumper....but the rest of the kit is extremely nice
i actually like that looks cleanly done
1 - 7 of 22 Posts
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