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Hey Fellow Rs25 Member's

I haven't posted in a long time on here, due to the fact that I was out of the Subaru scene for a while and I sold my 01 RS. Which I dearly regret.

but! I got myself an STi and do check back here periodically due to the fact that this website gave me my original love to Subaru.

I'd like to throw this out to your guy's and hopefully see some awesome subbies come out. There's a great group of guys and gals coming out.

What: Tail of the Dragon and Surrounding Scenic Routes Cruise/Meet.

When: April 26-29th. Dates are firm

All Subaru's are welcome please leave your Bugatti's at home. Bring your kids, wife, significant other, mistress (I won't Judge) or whom ever else you please.

The plan is to leave Mid West Florida on Thursday and drive up to the Dragon Area hitting the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way up there. Departure time will be early in the morning, and possible pick up locations will be set up depending on feedback for YOU.
When we get up there, I'd like to do a few drives on Friday and Saturday throughout the area as well as some of the scenic routes. Take some photo's, etc.

PM or Email ([email protected]) is best. If you have any further questions shoot me a PM and I'll give you my so I can better explain this to you.

This is an idea of what I had in mind, Let me know if you know a better or more scenic route.
Midtown Ct to Tail of the Dragon - Google Maps

The Midwest (Tampa Area) Crew has for the most part reserved their place to stay at the Dragon as Bob has mentioned in the post below. We are staying 15 minutes from Robbinsville of Route 28. Here is approximate location Graham County Travel & Tourism to N Carolina 28 N/Fontana Rd - Google Maps

We are going to call around and get some rates from local hotels in the area, or you can plan your stay on your own. It would be best we all stick in the same area. From my understanding Bob said the owner of our lodge has another one in the area, or there are many other cabins in the area. Let Google be your friend until we can get something up as far as prices.

FRIDAY DAY DRIVE! This is what i had in mind from a little research, PLEASE Feedback on possible route changes or stops. Especially those from the area.,4&t=m&z=12

1. 11am Robbinsville Texaco, Depart at 12pm. Fuel up your cars and yourselves.
2. Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort
3. US 129 Dragon Harley Davidson
4. Drive the Dragon Back through Deal's Gap to Franklin Via Route 28
5. Stop in Franklin, NC for Lunch (To be determined)
-Fat Buddies Ribs & BBQ $
-Cash's Smoke House Barbecue $
-Blue Ridge Roadhouse $$$
6. Drive to Bridal Veil Falls, Take Pics
7. Drive back to Robbinsville, NC

This is just my idea, If you have any other input, of place to stop along the way or better road to take. Please PM

I will also be posting a Night Run for Saturday Evening/Night.

Cheers and Lets get our drive on.

In Case any of you will be wondering what the weather is like in April, This is directly off the Great Smoky Mountains Official Website

"April the weather is usually milder. Daytime temperatures often reach the 70s and occasionally the 80s. Below freezing temperatures at night are uncommon in the lower elevations but still occur higher up. April averages over four inches of rain, usually in the form of afternoon showers."

IF YOU POST "I AM IN" or "I AM DOWN", I'll just go ahead and add you to the confirmed list, If you want to back out please PM me, cause it will be hard to keep up with his down the road.
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