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APR wing...opinions please!!

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hey i would post this over on the other club but would get flamed to all hell so be gentle with

now, i am going for the "JDM racer" kinda look when i get an L....along with the parts needed for an RS swap (lights, grill, beams and the whole wutnot) i am planning on a cwest front and sides as well as a trial rear bumper. OZ supperleggera's and some kind of coilover.Some kind of tints, and a nice black stained 5Zigen exhaust, Now picture this on an all black car....

i am thinkin it would look kinda cool to go with some kind of smaller GT type wing and i think i found it here.... its only 7" tall so its not a humungous wing and its black so its kinda understated

i personally like it but i dont know if i am out of my mind or not, i like it cause no one has it and it will be unique. Let me have your opinions, mature opinions please :)

sorry i just dont like the rally wings like 22B/V5 each his own right? lol

thanks all!


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Not bad... I still don't like the wing mounts in the center of the trunk for an aluminum wing... I like them more towards the edge of the trunk

You need to be careful of those mounts. Since they are small surface area they can over time cause dents. I have even seen wings of that style actually flex the trunk lid. If the wing is light then it shouldn't be a problem. I think those look hard on the Cusco cars.
Why not go with a Version 6 wing or something else? For the amount you'll spend on that, you could get something that's not quite as (dare I say it?) ricey. Not saying it wouldn't look good, but I think those wings should be left on race cars and not street cars. I constantly see stock-looking cars, such as neons, avengers, civics, and even a few cavaliers with them on. I personally would not want to be associated with those people. Just my thoughts. :D
Why not go with a Version 6 wing or something else?
He said he didn't want a rally style wing...:rolleyes:

Why don't you just get a CF trunklid, then you will have no problems with the trunklid denting.;)
Yeah, I'm not a big fan of that style wing, but it's your car, so if you like it, don't worry about what jackasses like me think;)

i like it cause no one has it and it will be unique.
Unless you drive past a "Tuner" shop, then yours will be one of many! Just playin' wit'cha!
that wig is pretty neat! I myself like the APR GT EVO II.

this might look pretty neat alone with that wing. (Sort'a like the Denso Supra GT in GT2)


that wing looks nice. I wouldn't call it rice........just functional parts that may be needed on the street. It makes the car more stable when you're on the track!:D
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It's not bad. I'm glad it's not one of those sky high aluminum wings. I've seen some on Honduhs that are way higher than the roof! :eek:
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