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Apex'i N1 Silencer Q....

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To you guys with this exhaust, how hard is it to put the silencer in? How hard is it to take it out? Do you always use the screws to fasten the silencer in? See, I picked up a used Rallispec N1 exhaust and it came with a silencer. The tip of the muffler doesn't have a hole drilled into to put the screw through, so I'd have to drill one. Also, it is a royal pain in the ass to put the silencer in and take it out. So I was wondering about those questions ;)
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so long as you always have an alan wrench and a 10mm socket, it's easy...

of course, I never have my silencer in...the exhaust just sounds too sweet :)
The problem is, I really have to force the silencer into the muffler and then to take it out, I need to use a screw driver to get the silencer out. I'd probably leave the silencer out most of the time too, but I don't know how my neighbors/parents/etc. would like me if at 7am every morning they heard me roaring out of the development :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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