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A'pexi N-1 Exhaust Discontinued????

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Or I'm just high? I called Nakayama Racing in the City of Chatsworth yesterday...inquiring about the N-1 exhaust system for a '01 Impreza RS they told that they had discontinued them I didn't ask the reason why but is this true? because if it is, I have no Idea on what type of exhaust to buy!! I have heard nothing but good things about this exhaust system...can anyone recommend another type of exhaust?

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I have what might be a good deal on a 5 zigan cat back system.
it better not be discontinued, i plan to buy one by summer
Hey Sean is it a used system or brand new? and what were you looking to get for it? PM with the info and let me know..
I don't think they're discontinued. Even if it is, it's not like it's your only choice for an exhaust system.
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