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A'pexi Garage Sale sucked!!!!!

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Did anyone went to this!!!!! for those of us who did they had no parts for our cars and the prices we ridiculous I was very upset at that I was planing on buying the N-1 exhaust yesterday and they did not have it they had one but sold it! they had more shit for the stupid fucking civics, I guess this is more of a bitch than aything else I guess it wasn't their fault for not having more parts for our cars. Oh who was drivin' the blue RS do you have a turbo on it? your car sounded sweet when you took of!!

I was the Silver RS with the K-5 katanas I showed up last....
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I was there early in the morning w/ a couple of my friends. I didn't drive my car though. When I got there, there was only one RS (silver w/ orange rims). The only N-1 they had for our car was sold ($200...not bad). They had the mid-pipe only for $35. When I left, I saw a blue WRX wagon, a blue RS that was leaving and blue WRX.
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