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well i guess this is my official introduction and update... at the same time...

here's the what's what:

**UPDATED 3/8/9**

Current Mod List:

-Whiteline 22mm Front Sway Bar
-Whiteline 22mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
-Kartboy Wagon Endlinks
-Falken ZE-912 Tires (205/55-16)
-Cryostop Rotors
-Hawk HPS Pads
-Russell Speed Bleeders
-ATE Superblue

-Pureone Air Filter
-STI Ram-Air Scoop
-Williaty/Ebay Hybrid Intake
-Perrin Lightweight Crank Pulley
-TB Coolant Bypass
-Ixiz v.3 Pitch Stop
-TiC Shifter Pivot Bushings - Wide
-Kartboy Front Shifter Bushings
-NGK Spark Plugs
-Rallitek Blue Plug Wires
-Paranoid Fab Grounding Kit

-Saabaru Emblems
-Blacked-Out Grille
-Bumper Plugs
-HD DIY Front Lip
-Sylvania High/Low Headlight Bulbs
-PIAA Wipers
-Impreza Roof Rails
-Subaru/Yakima Dual Raptor Bike Racks
-Thule Universal 6 Ski Rack

-Saab All-Weather Floor/Cargo Mats
-Armrest Extension
-Rear Cup Holders
-Sony GT420IP Receiver
-Alpine Front Speakers w/ IAP Spacers
-08 Impreza Shift Knob

Upcoming or Future Mods:
-Headlight Blackout (aka Koji Mod)
-Taillight Red-out and Tint
-Painted Stockers
-TiC Comfort Klunk Killer
-GroupN 5mt Tranny Mount

day ski trip with a few friends (and ski rack pics):

a few mods and older pics:


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Great car. I loved the Aeros. If Saab had run the GM Employee Pricing again in '06, I probably would've bought one.

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maybe some 05 bbs?
the problem i'm running into... is how my girlfriend likes to drive = not really considering the welfare of the car mostly...

which is why the wagon pink springs i really wanted to put on aren't going on, and why the 17" rotas or bbs (like you said) aren't going on... i don't want to spend the money and have them get curbed... so i'm going to spend some on good tires and just paint the stockers... :(

Heck yes for hybrid intakes.
when we got this that conversation just happened... it was cheap and made a decent difference... i'm happy!

thanks for the comments all!

if this rain clears up i might have time to do the fsb today...

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I have some brand new Prodrive lowering springs for that if your interested... PM me.

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updated mod list...

just did all new brakes (cryostop, hawk, russell, ate) over the weekend... we were working to quickly to get it in before dark to take pics, but i'll get some installed pics up soon...

also put in an 08 impreza shift knob which looks way classier... it's a bit larger though which is okay but i'm getting used to it...

stromung muffler is still in the wings (the stupid bolts are frozen/rusted on) until i can get someone to cut the nuts/bolts off the flange...

also just ordered the groupa dbw tbs... should be here early next week...

that's it.
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