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Posted by mofoporn
Remember that one time when I was driving my car around being like..."Yea...Im driving my car!!!" Well, not anymore.

My car was stollen from Auroria campus down in Denver today, between 10:00am and 12:30pm. I was parked in the $2.50 lot kitty-corner from the parking garage. There was no glass on the ground and yes...I did lock my car and all windows were up. The cop said this happens sometimes down here and usually its just some kids who take it for a joy ride until the car runs out of gas and they ditch it somewhere.

I'll attach a picture of my car. If anybody see's it call the police right away. Lic plate # 870-CUT

Larry, could you please make this a sticky for a couple of days...Please!!!!


PS. I did see alot of Roo's on the road on the way home in my dads car. Sedona coupe GC8 and a black wrx on the ramp from I-25 to I-70. A couple going east on I-70 and debadged BRP GC8 on I-70 and Ward


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Well, that has suck:mad: At least it should be easy to spot, what with the yellow accents and all. Hope they find it soon.:(
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