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Anyone use Pocketlogger OBD II on a Palm?

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I just received my OBD II pocketlogger software and cables in the mail yesterday. All happy and excited I'd be able to get some real numbers messing with intakes and stuff. I can't seem to get the bloody thing to work on my MY 99' RS. It works fine on my wife's 97 Legacy and my friends 02" LLBean Outback. I'm working with the Tec support but haven't had any luck so far. This stinks the car I really want to use it on and it won't work. Anyone have any luck with pocketlogger and a 99?
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Ha, I can't even get my OBD-II to work on my laptop! I REALLY need to become more computer literate- damn "zip" files and that fun jazz beats me.

Well, I'm still having no luck :( Pat L. (KCTopDog) stopped by yesterday and he has a MY 2000 RS adn we couldn't get it to work on his car either. Andy Lo is here today w/ his WRX and I'm gonna try it on his car. I think it's supposed to work w/ WRX's. Anyone get any OBD II software to work w/ a 99 RS?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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