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Anyone riding on SPT/Eibach springs?

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I want to drop my RS a little, but not too much. I'm also a college student so I dont have money for a susp. kit. Im thinkin about puttiing some springs on, but I want something thats gonna ride good with factory struts w/out being overly stiff. I'm thinking about the SPT springs made by Eibach cuz they're made for the car and they only lower it an inch in the front and 1.2 in the rear. Anyone have any good or bad experiences/opinions w/ these?

Also, anyone know if I could buy the springs, have them put on by Subaru and still keep a valid warranty or is putting springs on gonna void it no matter what?
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You don't want to pay the high$ labor at a dealership. Go to an independent garage, preferably one that has an alignment rack since you'll need an alignment after the install.

You won't sacrifice much ride quality but on the same note you won't much of a drop at all (read: hardly noticeable).

While the SPT springs will probably work with the stock struts, they're better suited to uprated ones.

Mike Shields at used to sell Eibach/spd tuning springs specifically for stock dampened struts but I believe he's no longer in business do to an illness. The springs had a .75" drop and would offer slight improvement. Do yourself a favor and get a bigger rear swaybar first (if you don't allready have one). It's the biggest ;) for the $ and is much easier to install than the springs.

Also, read all of the tech/tuning philosophy stuff on that page. While he may not currently be selling product and the prices/merchandise need updating Mike knows his stuff when it comes to suspension tuning.
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I've got them with the V5 struts and STi hardened top mounts. It's a lot stiffer ride, but very liveable. Corners like a mutha.

But if you don't have a rear swaybar, get one. There's a bigger gain in handling from that, in my opinion. I've got the FHI 18mm bar and it's great. I'd go with the 18 or 20 mm FHI bar, because at a glance you can't tell it's not stock, and they're pretty cheap.
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