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Anyone know where to find these...

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The rubber/silicone(?) things that hold the intake tube to the throttle body and the filter cone to the tube.... Reason why, I have a JC Sports intake and the 2 that are on there are extremely worn(bought it used) and I want to replace them. Also, does anyone know if I canuse any cone filter(K&N) to replace the current one(god only knows)?

Oh, thanks HondaH8r for the picture :D


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No biggie...

Yeah any filter will work...As long as it fits...Check with Turbonetics for the Silicone Couplers and Reducers...I think their website is

You can try and see if they have seperate pieces, but you might also try contacting Larry Ganz ("ImprezaRS dot com" on the i-Club).
Hey, my intake! Cool!:D As for the cone filter, as long as the K&N cone is sized to fit the JC Sports tubing, it should work just fine (or better, depending what the filter you have is!)
home depot would probably even have a piece for that.
Home Depot has them, but they don't take very well to heat. Rubber breaks down after time. Silicone on the other hand, has a high heat tolerance and can withstand the temperatures in the engine bay. The rubber couplers from Home Depot will work for a little while but I wouldn't use them as a long term thing. Scraps of rubber in the engine is'nt good.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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