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Anyone in/near Spokane?

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Hi guys,

Are any of you in or near Spokane?

I don't have a car right now, but I'm frantically looking for an RS ('99-01) for less than $15k within 500 miles of here. I'm also interested in autocrossing and rallying when I get it.

See ya,

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99, black, $16950, private seller, Woodinville WA
00 sedan, $15988, Lithia Subaru, (Portland?)
98, (auto) $14888, Ron Tonkin Acura, Portland OR
98, black, $11600, private seller, Tualitin OR. (portland area?)
98, blue, $14999, Roy Robinson Chevy, Marysville WA
99, silver, $14988, Puyallup Subaru,

There's a bunch out there. Those were all of the ones listed within 200 miles of Bothell 98011
Head on over to and start calling.
Tualitin is the south end of Portland.
I think Lithia Subaru is in Eugene, but I'm not sure.

Good Luck!!!

spokane well actually coeur d'alene! I'd like to see some autoctrossing as well.
My buds are hooked up I will gank a schedule for the area! stay tuned. auto boat speed show this weekend!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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