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Anyone have experience with those Chameleon color changing gauges?

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I'm refering to the ones listed on AFS Motorsports website. the gauge:

now i know its indiglo and whatever and all that but i honestly want an EGT gauge like this. when im on the throttle, i dont like to continually look at the gauge instead of keeping my eye on the road. therefore i think this would be an excellent change. when it goes red i know to back off. how many times have you gunned it and looked down and read 1600 and gone OH SHIT!? i know ive done it before, and even though i have a programmable map and ive topped out at 1500F i still would like a safeguard. im wondering if anyone has any experinece with these gagues. how accurate are they? i already have an autometer EGT gauge and im wondering if i could just unplug it and plug this one straight in using the autometer probe. i guess the best place to call would be AFS but im just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with these gauges. i did a search on google and found 0 information. what exactly are these gauges called? is there a main website?
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My buddy (please don't laugh) has one of those big color-changing tach's in his Saturn. IMO, it's kinda sloppy as it doesn't fade color to color, it just switches over. It's not a bad idea, just needs to be implemented a little more smoothly.

The EGT idea is cool, but you'd be better off with a dummy light that went on at 1600°, I think. It would probably get your attention quicker.
autometer has BIG red warning lamps that will get UR damn attention...check into them.
i thought they faded. thats sucks that they just swap over. ill check it out jeremy. thanks guys.
Littlepest's honey has a boost gauge in those. They are quite expensive and require another controler of some sort to control the color. The gauges themselves run in the lower-mid $100's with the controler thats another $70. Didn't think it was worth it. I got some plano autometer stuff. Still is an attention getter and makes your car turn into the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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