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Anyone dealt with Paeco?

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Hey guys just wondering if anyone has dealt with Paeco. I just emailed them asking about heads/cam/stroker kits. maybe they coudl whip up a stroker kit for us and have it cost around 1500.
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that's who cobb has do their cam grids...So they should be good.
i didnt know that. very cool, thanks for that info. the only thing i do not like so far about paeco is their website. of course i wont hold that against them but that is the worst automotive webpage i have ever seen. they need someone to design a webpage for them with a little more info or at least laid out a little more professional. either way i hope they get back to me soon on the stroker kit.
PM Piper Cub, he has a whole motor done by them IIRC....
Quote from my email to them:
Hi, I have a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS and I have turbocharged it. I'm wondering if you offer heads/camshaft/stroker kits for my car. I'm very interested in a stroker kit if you have one.

Their reply
Andrew -
We offer all of these things plus a lot more. Please send your mailing address and we will get a catalog out to you.
- Carl at PAECO

sounds very promising :)
that's just their bulk return email... They are mainly a catalog and phone order company ....if you want REAL respsonses call them:checkit:
The catalog speaks volumes.

I picked up a while back and its full of great stuff. :)

Now, if it could only speak with my bank account. ;)
I have a catalog. These guys are the original big HP naturally aspirated crate motor guys. They used to specialize in British iron but now they make custom motors for anything you want.

Hehe they can build you a 328hp NA EJ25! Haha! Only needs a rebuild every 1000 miles! LOL!

Their SRE (Standard Reliable Engine) is a significant jump in power and reliability over a standard EJ25 and should take very well to turbocharging. I think that's the route that PiperCub took.

They offer the engines complete or as kits.
They have a stroker kit for the EJ25? Wouldn't that make the cylinder walls super thin?
stroker kits dont require an over bore....they play with the rod stroke length and compression ration
i've heard lots of good things about them. wish i had the cash to go get my motor done.
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