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Anyone been able to contact Stromung?

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Has anyone been able to get someone on the line at Stromung? I've been trying for three-four business days now and no answer...

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I sent them an e-mail with an attached pic of my rusted one asking if it was normal to have one rust inside of 2 years. That was 2 weeks ago. I never got a reply. If you get one let me know. I'll post here if I get one.

Here was my e-mail:

[email protected]
Is it normal for your Strömung's to rust through in 2 years? I'm little disappointed that this has happened so soon. I was very happy with the mufflers performance and have always recommended them to others. At the time I ordered it I was not aware of your SS models I'm not sure they were available. We run a Subaru mods website where we post information for fellow enthusiasts. To be fair before I post my pictures of my exhaust I will wait for your response. Please see attached pick.


Well I waited over a week and when I recieved no reply I posted the pics on our Scoobymods site to give people a heads up.
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I ordered a cat-back from them last summer and I have been happy with it, but three months or so ago it developed a rattle on the decel. I first talked to them about the problem 2 months ago and they decided to send me a replacement. I've talked to them pretty much every week since and still no exhaust.
I'm gettin kinda worried, but I'll keep calling and see what happens. When i bought it from them they were very nice, cut me a deal, and shipped it out fast. I still hold them in high regard, and I can wait for a replacement. I'm just hopping I will see it soon.

I just talked to them. He was out of town since thursday so all is good!

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