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Anybody tried this?

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I have been looking for a alarm system that I can keep track of when I am in a store or something so that I know when my car is broken into. It is called the CrimeStopper FM Pager. I guess what it does is it pages you when your car has been broken into and it tell's you what section of the car too. I thought that it was a really cool product and was wondering if anyone has one of these and if so your appinion is greatly appreciated!!:) Thanks.
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I used to have a pager alarm system and it only worked once. Alarm went off while I was in a comedy club. I walked out and sure enough, a bunch of guys see me and jump into the truck and take off.

Then I realized... what the hell would I have done if I had confronted them? Probably got my ass kicked.

Just a thought.
Then I realized... what the hell would I have done if I had confronted them? Probably got my ass kicked.

.357 magnum in a shoulder holster will usually do the trick.:D :D :D

Okay, I am waiting for the :flame: to start at me now.
Well do you think that it is worth the money or not? I thought that it sounded like a pretty cool idea. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks for the replies
Sounds cool but can you just get up out of class to leave? If they dinged your door or bumped your car it would set the alarm off right? Then you would go out there pretty much for nothing, but if it gives you piece of mind Sean, I'd say get it.

Nick C.
Well I mean it would be a cool thing to have when I wasent at school (ski area, mall, shopping). Speaking of skiing. The slopes around here are awesome right now. They are getting about a foot of new each day!!:biggest: :biggest: POWDER!!!
I haven't heard anything about this product, but it sounds like something that could really save your car from being broken into. If I had the money (turbo projects are expensive!) I would look into getting one of these.

FYI - it doesn't STOP people from breaking into your car (how are they going to know you're being paged? ESP?) but it does tell YOU when your alarm is going off. :rolleyes:

Your car will still get the window smashed if they are desperate enough, and you'll just be able to yell at them. if you're really unlucky they will break both your legs for the trouble of chasing them.

Good insurance will handle everything.

Personally, I'd get a Lojack.
It is only a $100 so I think I might try it. When your car is being broken into you can at least call the cops or something right? Then you can watch the cops lay down the beat down on the people trying to break into your car. :biggest:

PS: I found this thing in a old Cruchfield magazine so I don't know if they make it anymore or not. I went to CrimeStoppers web site and I couldent find the product so who knows?
heres what u do....if u get still need a pen and write down the description of the suspects and lic. plates..lolz thats about it...personally i'd rather let them break in and just have insurance cover it....because have u ever noticed that...when you honk at someone who just cut you off...they go slower cuz they know it pisses you take that outta the run out there to yell at them or 'stop''re just gonna get them mad...its like 'if u shoot me you better kill me because im going to be pissed off'

-akcel -=)
You guys do have a good point. I guess I will think this over for a while before I proceed. Thank you for the replies again!
I'll stick to my Autolock for now. (I have the factory alarm too but it's pretty useless :rolleyes: Going to upgrade this POS alarm later) I feel pretty safe that my car at least won't get stolen. There's no reason to break into my car anyway, nothing valuable inside.
the only TRUE way to protect your car is to get a big black guy named Ben.

too bad the flamethrower alarm is illegal.
Speaking of skiing. The slopes around here are awesome right now. They are getting about a foot of new each day!! POWDER!!!
Damn you Sean! I quit going to the mountain for a few weeks cause there is nothing but ice. Send that snow over here!

Nick C.
Yeah I went up last night and they had 3 feet of new in 24 hours!!!!!:eek:
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