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If it makes you feel better I used to live in Woodinville. I went to Hollywood hills for a year or two. I think my 3rd grade teacher was Sharon Johnson. She made me sit in the principal's office for two weeks straight because I wouldn't appologize to the class for being late. I was late to class because one of my neighbors (Jennifer something or other, aka the pig girl) stopped me in the hall because I was walking too fast for her taste (she didn't like me, and speed walking wasn't in style just yet), then she wanted me to appologize to the teacher. I said forget it. Finally after a two week stalemate they called my parents. Then I got transfered to the TAG program at the Woodinville Annex (now city hall? WTF? I go away for ten years and my favorite school goes away?), where I was in Kathy Draper's class for 4th and 1/2 of 5th, before I moved to Olympia. I don't remember my old address here, but I've driven by the ol' homestead a couple of times. The Tuisisopo (sp) kids lived down the street and I remember having dirt clod wars with them when some neighbor of their's was building a house. That was fun. One of my friend's peed on a beehive in the woods behind my house, and *I* got stung on both kneecaps at the same time. :curse: Anyway, I lived up the hill diagonally across from Hollywood Hillls Elem, you know where the big X 4-way stop is by the school.

And so concludes a history of Nick. :)
Ah, the memories

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That's really cool. I went to the annex also! I am going to Woodinville High School right now and Matt Tuisisopo is in my grade. Yeah I guess Woodinville has some cool parts about it now that I look at it.:)
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