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Anybody found some snow to play in?

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I drove down to the local school parking lot and spun around until the inch of snow was depleated. On the way to work there is a area in the road that was made fo expansion so you have a nice big square of tarmac. There were three damn snowplows there but I figured since they weren't cops they couldn't do much. I kicked the tail around and got into 2nd sort of gunning it to keep a good stationary spin going. The snowplow drivers were standing together watching in total disbelief.

And now there is only slush......
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i ment to post this in midatlantic a few hours ago, but somehow i managed to screw that up.

my true first taste of the beauty of awd. tore it up in the dulles town center parking lot for about an hour, and moved on to the unfinished lot of teh bestbuy across the street, but when the snow plow guy saw us in the bestbuy parking lot he immediately came flying towards us, we got paranoid he was coming over to bitch at us or something so we hightailed it out of there.
Give a guy a snowplow and he thinks he has been inducted into some official government agency.

Maybe he was POed you were messing up the snow?
we're up to 2 still on the ground, since last weekend we've seen a total of 8 inches but most has melted off.
I had a little fun out at Snowshoe last week! man i love imprezas in the snow! It reminds me why i dont mind sending in that car payment every month!
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