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Any signs of Life in Omaha???

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I will be coming back to Omaha for the summer, and with NSOC down, I have no idea whos still around the area. Anybody out there??:burnout:
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I'm alive.. send me an e-mail.. [email protected] and I'll get you my phone number. we're having a BBQ soon.
how's the wagon coming along?

BTW-the rally-x was a blast. its not everyday i get to make an Open Class EVO IV quite literally eat my dust :D the crazy 6.3L mustang from 100AW was also there in full sideways fashion.

Wagons going good. I've got the engine now and all my brake stuff is sitting in the garage except some new rear rotors (ones I picked up from dale are too thin to get turned) and the SS brakes lines from Shawn. I sent him a check last week and for the last 2 weeks He was supposed to have send me the lines, but I haven't gotten them yet. I hate to keep hounding him though.

So another weekend goes by and I don't have all I need to do the brakes.

My brake set-up will consist of 2002 WRX front brakes (complete) with Mintex 1144 pads and my rear brakes are Legacy Turbo rear ventilated brakes (complete) with hubs and all so this should do the trick.

I had some Corbeu Targa RS seats I picked up used locally for cheap in the car, but didn't like them. Now I've got 2002 WRX front seats in the car, still deciding what to do with the rear seat and door panels... But won't likely do much for looks for a while.

Plan is to build a low-end torque monster (sort of speak) with likely a VF24 turbo (Grp. N low-end beast) or a VF23 if I can get the 24 for a good price. Should be fun as I'm re-doing my ring and pinion gears to give me 4.11 RS gearing instead of the standard OBS 3.90 that with my 2.2L closed deck Legacy Turbo engine should do the trick at 15-17 Psi.

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I love the new website, its really sweet. Your wagon project sounds really awesome too. Good luck with that. Got any ideas when the barbeque is coming up? I only ask because my emails about joining NSOC have never been answered. I think my email accounts are retarded or something. I would love to join if possible, since Ive had my RS for almost a year now. email me if possible at [email protected]


2000 Silverthorne RS :burnout:
I've replied to you before, so I thought... as I recognize your e-mail address.

Your in the club... it's that simple. Just e-mail me your full name, phone number and some pictures of your car or if you want me to take pictures, just let me know.

We're re-doing the members/gallery section as we speak... I'll be sure to add you to the layout, although you might end up below some WRX guys.... It's going to look cool!

I've got some decals.. would love to get one on your car, the first batch was a bit big, so I'm getting some smaller ones... but the ones I have now look really good and I've got one on my OBS and on the wife's really nice 2002 Legacy.

e-mail me your contact info.

BBQ will be the first weekend in July, just need to post it to our NSOC forum.


Got the brake lines last night... those things are a peice of work... WOW! I thought by Goodridge ones on my RS were great, but these are better ever detail has been attended to. I expect nothing less from Cobb, glad I got them from Shawn for what he paid $95, otherwise I'd have Goodrige based on the price Cobb wants for theirs.

Thanks - Jon
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wow, the wagon is sounding pretty damn badass! i can't wait to see it.

glad you got the lines finally. i know he sent them off a while ago.

are you going to PP this year? shawn and i have been talking about going out there, but i'm not sure what the deal is yet.
Got your e-mail about PP.. You've got to go... and caravan along with us if you want :D

I'll take care of lodging here in Omaha... lodging is set-up in Colorado. We've got two rooms now and could add a 3rd if we knew for sure if you were coming or not.

You or Shawn can call me and we'll iron out the details.

Plus if you get a chance to talk with Shawn before I call him later this week, see if he'd be willing to sell his intercooler from his turbo kit and how much for it. Oh and the turbo too if he's willing to part with it from the kit.

Hey Jon,

I am assuming the barbeque isnt this weekend since I havent heard anything about it. Let me know whats up. thanks

Actually it was... Sorry. Shoot me an e-mail with your phone number and I'll make sure you don't miss the next meet.

Also you can check in our forum for events.

Thanks - Jon

Actually I did send you my email and phone number as you can see in this thread, but oh well. I kept checking the Events page on the website not the forums, thats how I missed it. I guess Ill try again next time.

HEY! What kind of stuff are you Omaha guys up to? I live in Sioux Falls, SD and make it to Omaha a few times during the summer for some import events and to Scribner for some drag racing. There are a few of us looking for a reason to venture out of Sioux Falls. Anything crazy goin on? Any one up for going to a Rally next month?
Yes we have stuff going on and some of us (mainly Brett Yellow WRX) go to Schribner regularly. If you're referring to the Rally of in Minnesota... The Ojibwe Forests rally in Bemidji, MN I'm going with 1-2 other locals. We're on the service crew for Paul Eklaund again this year.

Shoot me an e-mail and I'll keep you on the list for when I send out notifications for meets.

Keep an eye on our site and if you guys want, you can become honoray members. We should be having another meet soon, this one might include a back roads drive or just some fun tarmac routes. We shall see.

Thanks - Jon
Hey guys! Thanks for the reply. Ya...I was refering to the Ojibwe Forest Pro Rally in Bemiji, MN. If your familliar with Steve Gingras (use to race the ACT 2 Talon/Eclipse) now racing a WRX, he is close friend of the family so we try to get to as many events as possible. When are you guys heading up there? I will surley keep in touch, there just isnt much going on around here anymore. Hopefully Ill catch up with you guys in Bemiji. Stay in touch....
We're heading up Thursday the 15th. We'll likely leave around 6:00 AM for the 12-13 hour drive and make our big turn in Fargo heading to Bemidji.

We're staying at the Best Western Thursday night, then free service crew room and board at the Holiday Inn Friday & Saturday Night.

I'm guessing we'd hit Fargo around noon and likely have lunch there for a bit. then make the 4+ hour trek from there to Bemidji.

Tell you what... shoot me an e-mail [email protected] and I'll give you my Cell phone info.

I got your e-mail, but it went to the catchall area (not me).

Thanks - Jon
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