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I am contemplating importing some salvaged WRX's and STi's from Japan. I have a couple examples available right now and they can be in the US within a month once I make the order. At this point, most of the expense is with shipping, but if we bring in enough cars prices will drop significantly. The cars I have right now are as follows:

1996 STi v3
53,000 km
Totalled in a rollover.
Body & some of chasis is damaged (nothing a cage won't fix :D ), but driveline, suspension, & interior are OK.
This will run about $6500 if it's the only order.
Price will drop to $5500 if we bring in 2 cars.

1996 WRX
51,000 km
minimal front end damage, but everything else on the car is in great shape.
We're still negotiating price with the junkyard, so make an offer.

I will get pics up ASAP. Please don't hesitate to contact me with ANY questions, requests, or offers you may have.

[email protected]

MODERATORS: if there is enough demand, I will acquire vendor status and post this in the vendor forum..sorry if this shouldn't be here at all.

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If you're parting them, I'm interested in the tranny and rear diff.

My SVX NEEDS an STi tranny.
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