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Another transfer student=)

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Hmm...just found out that a club for GC8 exists..
Sup guys I just transfered from I-Club....
same id...well guess i gotta go back and forth back and forth
but glad to see a club dedicated to GC8
Have no hard feelings against GDA..kinda sad to hear about
about feud between GC8 and GDA within i-club
just hoping we all get along.....
Anyways nice to meet you all ( hmm already see similar id names from i-club :) )
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Hmmm good idea

Heh... thanks for remembering... I still think that UCI meet was a good turnout.
Didn't occur to me that RS club should also have a meet.
I can try to arrange one again if people are willing to show up on Sunday morning
Guess i should start another thread.
Hey if u guys who r reading this who thinks RS club meet at UCI is a good idea please say so
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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