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Another OBDII [Q] for MY99 owners

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Sorry for the cross goup post but this is driving me crazy:
I've been working with a software vendor for OBDII on my Pilot m505. He's really trying to help but so far has not been able to get his software (pocketlogger) to hook up to a MY99. He got a 00 to work but spent some time at a Subaru meet last weekend trying to get a 99 to talk. No luck Has anyone anywhere gotten any OBDII software to talk to a 99? I tried some other package just now and it didn't work either. This is getting to be a pain. Any input as to why all other Subaru's I try but a 99 seem to read I'd be interested in hearing about it.
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I got mine to work on scoober's 99. The program is on an old toshiba laptop.
i think he's trying to get it to work on a palm pilot, the palm os is picky at most.
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What OBDII software are you using? Do you have a link? Is it on a Laptop (I assume)


I got it from the group buy on i-club. It was made by Alex Peper (; version1.01. The laptop is an old Toshiba T4600 that Alex gave me with the software. It think he updates his site with patches and such regularly. He seems to be very good at his customer service. Is he the vendor your working with? I could email you the log files to see what results we had on SCOOBERS 99. You don't get as much info from a 99 compared to a 00.
No I was trying to use a Pocket Logger that is made for the Palm Pilot. If you could e-mail me the log files that would be helpful. Can you send them to my home addy?

[email protected]

I'm wondering if there was some drastic change in the ecu that won't interface properly with your palm pilot but will with the newer cars. Sounds like a call for Jeff (aka skinmask). He used to palm programs.
I have the odb-2 thing also for a 99 rs it works just fine. I have a laptop though.
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