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another converted from i-club here...

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hey everyone! just signed up finally after some time, i was beginning to not like the i-club anymore...too many damned WRX owners tryin to ownz everyone :boxer:

well as some of u already know, i am 16 and love subaru's....i have status on the other forums as "specialist--powered by pampers" :D i am lookin to buy an L at the end of the summer, and cant wait to start modifying!!!

ok just wanted to say hi and let everyone know i was here too, but i will still be over at the i-club to check up on things...later

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Good to have you here.
Make yourself at home.
Tell a friend :biggest:
Welcome to the club! We all share your pain over the fall of I-Club, but luckilly James was kind enough to build a site for us poor, displaced souls.:happynow:
hey well thanks so much James....this place is alot cooler than the i-club:happynow:

well i only have one do i get my signature to work? cause i have it filled out but it wont show up in my posts. I have it checked off too.


p.s- the smilies here are cool :nuetron:

EDIT: nevermind i got it :eek:
hehhehe another 16 yr old like me!!! yay!!!!

i'll get a GC8 L also!!! Welcome yo!!

bye now

Good to have you! I have an L, too; there are a few of us scattered around the club. :D Let me just offer some advice: If you can, get one with the 2.2 instead of the 1.8! Trust me on this one. You can thank me later! :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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