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Another BS post!

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I was starting to get worried, I've been on the I(diot) Club...or at least lurking...since 99, but lately it's just become "how do these widgets look on my car?":curse: Thankfully I stumbled across this one when I was bored and just clicking through peoples' profiles. :boring: Glad to see intelligent and useful discussion going on here! Except for maybe this one.:happynow:

Yup...that's all I wanted to say...and get my first post.:stinky:

99 RS
STM w/ Hail & Dent Mod (think golfball)
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A BS reply

Welcome to the dark side.
Yeah... seems to be more intelligent people around here... but they're all jealous of my WRX *wink wink* ;)

:run: :D

What I mean to say is... while I can't find any technical info about my car here, I prefer this place because the intelligence/maturity level is higher. :)
the whole atmosphere here is better and it feels lighter.. i don't know if that fits but i don't feel so repressed here as i did over at i-club. :flame:
Yeah totally agree. I can post here without some `specialists` who got their status by telling others `search you newbies` telling me the same thing.

I dont think im making sense, but you get the idea... right?
Hi there,

You even get the odd token female UK peep around like me :D

Though I know you will all be jealous of my little babe as she is a Jap import MY94 WRX :D All 280 horses of her :D

Cheers Michelle :D
Little Miss WRX said:
Though I know you will all be jealous of my little babe as she is a Jap import MY94 WRX :D All 280 horses of her :D

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Hmmm, maybe I don't like this board so much any least until I can get one of those :D

I'm more jealous of john felstead's Cosworth Westie that he talked about on i-club. Damn you brits... and damn the cars you can get :p ;)
Brit cars...mmmmmm


I have much lust for that car, if only it came in Sedona Red. Wait, I will just make a Sedona red run like that.

And yes, this website is so much better than the Iclub now. It is like the Iclub was a year and a half ago.
Kent: You need to get an Elise... and.. uhh... let me drive it at the Dragon ;)
North Carolinan's

Another thing I'm happy to see is so many of you from NC!!! B/C that's where I'm moving in March. Good bye to ND! I'm moving down in the states and up in temp!:sunny:

So, is anyone near Goldsboro? If not, how close are we?:nuetron:

haha...little miss cracks me up...gotta love a woman that knows how to stir up the crowd ;)....especially since she has the car we ALL wanted!!! MUHAHAHA!!
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