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alignment (tein & v5 combo)

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Since I didn't really get help asking this in another forum.. :rolleyes: i'll post it here:

Ok i did a search and it didn't really help me. :(
Can anyone suggest alignment specs for my car? I hear different ones and not sure which would fit me. My driving style is mostly street and possibly some autoX in the future. I've also just rotated my new tires and noticed the inner half of my front tires were worn out :eek: my rear ones still look perfect and new. Should I adjust my tire pressure also?

Car: Tein s-springs (soft), FHI v5/6 inverted struts, Kumho esta supra 712's in 205/45/16.

Drives: street & some autoX.

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i would say -1deg camber 0 toe in front and leave the back to stock specs. If you think -1 deg. camber is too much, you should go for -.75 deg camber. I think that was rallispec's a;lignment spec for the front.

The reason why your inner tires are worn is because when you lower the car, your alignment is scrfewed up, creating a negative camber. If you don't like the idea of having the inner side of the tire, you should stick to stock alignment spec.

PS: Do NOT go to Midas. There is something wrong those people. I asked a similar question and people here told me to run away from Midas:lol:

PPS: Make sure to get your caster set back to 0. Sometimes people forget about them, and there are chances that caster might be off due to lowering the car.

I think there was a thread on "the club" about alignment specs...
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Midas - bad - eveil - they are the anti-Christ - run from them - or be banished forever!!!! :p
any other suggestions?

so front:
camber: -1
toe: 0

camber: -1
toe: 0

and caster set to 0

what else?
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Rear camber: 0. You really dont need to adjust the rears.
Impretzel said:
Rear camber: 0. You really dont need to adjust the rears.
even if my car seems super low?? damn tein springs :boxer: won't i have rubbing issues if camber is set to 0?
You could, I'm just saying its overkill. Unless you are hardcore, I don't think the rear should be changed. But if you are rubbing, like you said, yeah some alignment would fix the problem (but never do it too much) has some alignment suggestions. Check it out. I think it's under 'Impreza Mods' or something.

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