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Far away! Get your car away from Midas!

I took my car in to have the muffler replaced (an old VW Rabbit) because it had a hole in it. Doh - simple job - cut the pipe, drop the old muffler, put a new one up, weld it back on.

Well, they explained to me how the VW's only had a one piece exhaust pipe from the engine to the muffler and the whole thing had to be replaced. Never mind that the damn pipe bends OVER the rear axle assembly. They wanted something like $500. Sure, you'd need the header down pipe, flex joint, straight pipe, and then the part that bends over the axle.

I asked "So how do you put a one-piece pipe in without removing THE WHOLE FRIGGIN' AXLE you morons?" I had just recently replaced the whole axle myself as I sent it into a curb sideways at about 30mph. Okay, that's another story.

I told them to get my car off the rack and give me my keys back, I was going to a reuptable shop that would not try and rip me off.

Local muffler shop - $60 later, job well done. Exactly as I said.

Take your car to a Subaru specialist, or at the very least some one who says they work on Subarus.

What a crock of shit.

Okay, can you tell that I think that Midas is the biggest, most dishonest bunch of thieves I've ever seen? Maybe it's because they are. :curse:
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