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1995 Subaru Impreza L
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Alex Wang's 1995 Impreza L

Hello all,
I recently picked up a 1995 Impreza L a few weeks ago and figured it might be a good idea to start a build thread to help me keep log and keep track of everything essentially.
This is my third Subaru, starting out with a 1993 Legacy L, also my first car, a 2002 WRX, and now this. The WRX remains in the garage currently being partially parted out and
being prepped for sale. Some of you may recognize me from local Subaru Washington State Facebook groups and Instagram, so hi all :)

Here's what I'm coming from:


Here are some photos the morning following purchase.


The car was originally a 1.8L Automatic, but the previous owner(s) have since swapped the engine out with an EJ22 and manual transmission, haven't figured out from what yet.

As is, the car came with an aftermarket exhaust, Ver6(?) STI Struts, King Springs, a cheap stereo and speakers, Sparco wheels, WRX Seats and a couple other small things plus a plethora of dents and a crappy white paint and dip job over the original teal paint.

I'm a sucker for early 2000s cars. Currently I've installed a set of Morette taillights, modified Chargespeed rear wing from my 02, a new shift knob (I learned stick on this
with the Legacy, so it's kind of sentimental for me), some floor mats, flares and not much else.


Since I intend on selling the WRX, I plan on using the funds from that to help build up this car instead. Larger plans include:

V7 EJ207 Swap
Reupholstered and updated Interior (Will be keeping pre facelift interior)
"Sound Deadening Redux"
New Audio System
Will be swapping over the dual cutout catback from the WRX
Satin Black Avery Wrap

among other things. Basically the goal is to create a clean, quiet, comfortable, modern car on the inside and an eye-catching loud and somewhat obnoxious, quick car on the outside.

The car does not have power locks or windows, so I went out and and picked up some Outback Sport power doors with the pre-facelift cards. I'll still need to wire up a separate door lock switch, but these doors are considerably cleaner than the ones that came with the car so win.


Currently waiting on a new front lip and RBS rear bumper to get shipped out from Russia. In the meantime I'll likely start gutting the interior and removing the original sound deadening and replacing it with
better stuff. Pictures of that soon.

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I'm big into audio. Typically when I'm installing new deadening, I remove all the original factory stuff rather than going directly over it. Plus it saves about 15lbs.

Plan on doing a layer of CLD tiles, a decoupler, and then MLV on the floor pan and doors plus a few other smaller places.

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Installing a stereo and aftermarket sound deadening but concerned about 15lbs.

Hence my confusion.

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Also I like how you worded this as its basically summing up what mine is becoming as well :lol:
"Basically the goal is to create a clean, quiet, comfortable, modern car on the inside and an eye-catching loud and somewhat obnoxious, quick car on the outside. "
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