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Air horns

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Has anybody with air horns hooked them up with the regular horn(s)? My air horns are just a little too high pitched and I think they need the factory horn to even out the sound-even though they are two completely different sounds!
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If you do that you should run 2 relays or something. I think the draw would be too much for one.
I didn't use a relay when I hooked them up! :run: I just grounded the compressor and ran the power end of my existing horn wire to the + side of it. I was thinking about taking a wire terminal that will plug into the stock horn wire and running 2 wires out of it; 1 of them to the standard horn and the other to the compressor. Any thoughts?

Actually you did use a relay, you used the stock one that is in the fuse box under the hood under the battery. If you hook both up to the same wire you may melt the wire or blow a fuse. Too much for one little wire.

I have a feeling it would sound too funky but that's just me who knows.
There was a pittsburgh member that did this. I would agree with peaty on the two relays. It's not hard to wire it in, you should have gotten one with your air horn kit. I'm running dual relays but only using my air horns. But I of course plan on running another compressor for louder horns. :biggest: :devil:
So I should run a relay off the existing wiring for the stock horn? This is what I'm assuming. Also, does anybody know how good/bad/whatever it will sound? Thanks for the input! :D
Jhoo want air horns? Loud air horns?

Look here:
Thanks, but I already have some! Nobody ever answered me back, so I'll ask again the lazy way.
So I should run a relay off the existing wiring for the stock horn?
That would probably work. If I understand it correctly, this is what you are trying to do. Run your regular horns with the stock wiring using the stock relay. Run a wire from the stock horns power side to energize a seperate relay that powers the air horns. Sounds reasonable (no pun intended)

FWIW here is how I did mine running just the air horns off of the stock wiring:
Yeah, that's what I was wondering. Thanks!
I kind of like the mounting of the horns at the bottom of that link; I may have to move mine! I might just hook both to the power wire for a quick trial to see if I like the sound, so I don't rewire everything and then end up not liking it.
You have to be careful where you mount the compressor. It sucks in a lot of air so make sure it's out of the way of any dirt and mud that might hit it. From what I understand the Hella brand is less prone to failure of the compressors.
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