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Air Horns

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Where did everyone with air horns get them and how much did you pay? I'm seriously considering this but I don't want to get ripped off or anything. Thanks! :D
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I got my Fiamm horns at Schuck's for about $30. I need to move the compressor out of the fender because I think it is sucking in water.
I have some air horns from the semis here at work that I have been debating putting on. Most of the guys in my area have Hellas, but I'm not sure where you can get them.
go to auto-zone or murray's you can get a set for under $30

and trust me their loud enough :biggest:
At Autozone, are you talking about the ones they keep in stock? I work for Autozone, but I have not even considered those. I would really like to get Hella air horns. I heard craig's from this board, and they were very nice and very loud. Not sure what brand they were, though.
I got one set of Fiamm horns and they were IDENTICAL to the photo of the Hellas I saw online... unfortunately somebody took the Y piece out, so I had to return them and I got a new set of Fiamms and they're different, but pretty much the same. The older ones had a plastic compressor, new one is metal.
Oh yes indeed the ones from AutoZone are plenty loud!

Oh yes indeed the ones from AutoZone are plenty loud!
Assuming you have a set of these, what kind of tone do they have? I heard craig's and I really liked the tone-sounded almost like a Ferrari's or something. I just don't want something that sounds like it belongs on a semi! :D
I don't like my hella dual air horns. :curse: They sound like crap to me. Gonna listen to a WRX horn and probably get that.
MagicMT, what kind of tone do they have? Also, where did you get them and how much did you pay? If you really don't like them, would you consider selling them to me? Thanks. :D
I think they're just called Hella dual air horns.. Here's a pic:
You probably have to paste that into your browser or something. I think they were $30. Got them from Sesquana Motorsports (sp?) I just don't like them because they're high pitched. They are loud though. Well, anything is loud compared to the little "meep meep" that our cars came with! :lol: These horns sound like an old domestic POS to me though. Just my opinion. I might sell it, but I don't think you'd want to wait that long.
Thanks for the info. I don't know that I would say a domestic POS horn sounds high-pitched, though. IMO they are deeper than most import horns. Yes, I agree the "meep meep" has got to go. I will probably just go and buy the ones from AutoZone since I can get my whopping 20% discount and install them within the next few days. I still want to hear what everyone/anyone else has to say. Thanks! :D
Old school domestic clunkers that is, not the new ones.
Those are the POS's I was talking about. You know, the ones that should have been sent to the junkyard 15-20 years ago because their time was up, but people still want to drive them for some reason inconceivable to me. Yeah, those were the ones I was referring to. :D
I really can't explain the actual tone, I just know when I hit em on the freeway people either: A: get out of my way or B: stop switching into my lane.

I think I actually got mine from Murray's they were like a dollar or two cheaper.

-lives near auto-parts row-
Susquehana Motorsports:

I have the 2 horn kit, Hella and I'm not using the relay, I just routed the stock wiring over to the new horns.

$27.95 plus 3 for shipping - 2/3 day delivery to Ohio. (I think they're in PA)
Did anybody get actual instructions for theirs? I looked at the ones at Autozone last night and the only thing the instructions do is tell how to figure out if your horn works off a ground or power connection. I have a knack for screwing things like this up without instructions, and I think I will need them to do this because there are a ton of nuts and bolts in the package but no directions on where they go. Also, if anyone has pics of them installed, I'd like to see them. Thanks. :D
Okay, so I went to Murray's and they had a set of FIAMM air horns that actually came with instructions. I went to home depot, got some screws and L brackets, then went back to Murray's and bought them. I just finished installing them, and they actually worked on the first try! My dogs didn't like it too much, though-they started barking at the car!
Sweet. I like the Fiamms (and I suppose hellas too) because they don't sound like every other car out there. And they're loud.
I like them so far, but they just don't seem loud enough with the hood closed! :curse: One of my coworkers said they sound girlie, but he is a caveman with a '98 Explorer-plus his engine blew up a few days ago! He is actually one of my friends but I have some interesting theories on american car building practices, hence the caveman precurser! At any rate, I am considering hooking the stock horn up with the air horns to get it louder. I was also thinking about getting one of those "highway blaster" replacements for the factory horn and then hooking it up.
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