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2000 2.5RS Coupe - BRP
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where to begin? How about the beginning...

This is Agnes, I bought her new in 2000

oringinally, she was as stock as a box of rocks

a few tweaks... this is how she rolled up until 3 years ago

clear corners, JDM tails, painted side skirts, 22B vent grills.. fog light covers, KYB/AGX shocks and Eibach springs, adjustable rear swaybar, ganzflow, Borlas+Brospeed cat back... Kartboy shifter, WRX pedals... maybe a few other things, oh, and a trunk light.

...we bought this, and it was fun

then we bought a house with a one car garage so one of the Subarus had to go...

so we sold the STi and got serious about 2.5RS :monkey:

added some BBS wheels plus a competition level suspension upgrade, some sparco torinos and a ScoobySport axle back... oh and a front lip (thanks Jamie)

Tasha wins the Canadian national autocross championship in her class...

AGNES becomes official

a slight sprinkling of rally graphics

a new wing and some rear spats

and a hint at where we're at today

sorry for the low quality on this latest image, all I have left is my iPhone camera, I've managed to break my other/real camera(s)...

a run at the Montana Divisional, one of my favorite road trips to date

and here we are today (July 2012)


2000 2.5RS Coupe - BRP
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--------------Modifications List--------------

This is an “ST” class autocross car so it’s been modified (completely) to the rule set that that allows

TWE 2.25" EL header (wrapped)
Borla Header
2.25" cu$tom fabricated Hi-Flow CAT $ection with two one Magnaflow 59900 $erie$ $pun metal CAT$
TWE 2.5" resonated midpipe
2.5" Scoobysport axle back
2.5" TWE carbon-tipped axle back (for sale)
Kartboy hangers
42 Autosports CAI

Diff/tranny/engine/steering rack bushings/mounts (GroupN)
Kartboy short shifter and bushings
Underdriven crankshaft and accessory pulley kit
Odyssey PC680 lightweight battery
iSpeed SRS20 reflash
lightweight blinker fluid delete mod
Rallitek plug wires
NGK plugs
PF grounding kit
new OE clutch and flywheel @ 70k miles
rebuilt transmission @ 70kmiles
rebuilt/matched injectors

RCE T2 coilovers (warranty replaced May 2019)
7/6k springs
6/5k springs
Vorshlag camber plates front
groupN rear top hats
Addco 1" front anti-sway bar
Poltec adjustable front drop links
Perrin adjustable rear anti-sway bar
Perrin rear drop links
Perrin stout mounts
Whiteline adjustable lateral links (KTA107)
GroupN trailing arm bushings
Whiteline ALK insert/offset LCA bushings (KCA375)
Cusco strut tower bars front and rear
Whiteline strut tower bar, front

Powerslot rotors, front
brembo rotors, rear
Ferodo DS2500 pads
Stainless brake lines
fancy fluids

Wheels & Tires:
SSR Competitions 16x7.5 +48
BBS 17x7.5 @ +53mm
Rota G-Force 17x8 +48mm
245/40/17 RE71Rs (EVO take-offs)
225/45/17 Hoosier A7s
Yokohama AD08 225/45/17
Yokohama AD08 225/50/16
H&R 10mm spacers, front
H&R extendo studs, front

McGard spline drive lug nuts

Sparco Torino passenger seat
Sparco EVO driver's seat
Scroth Rallye-3 harness
Articulated camera mount dome light mod
STi floor mats
WRX pedals
$50 broken BestBuy stereo with removable face (also broken)
single din pocket cubby (stoked)
Intermittent wiper arm mod (stoked)
Trunk net!
Trunk light (removed to help save the battery)
New OEM carpet

Vanity Plate
Heavy fender lip roll, rear, x2
JDM tail lights
Clear corner markers
Clear side markers
RB5 carbon fiber replica wing (Seibon)
STi 5/6 rear bumper spats
22b replica hood vents
STi foglight covers (from Denmark, oldschool!)
STi v5/6 lip spoiler (thanks Jamie)
STi v5/6 grill
color matched side skirts
20% window tint (scratched)
9 years of door dings (fixed) and paint chips (many) and lot’s and lot’s of polish and wax
comprehensive dent/ding removal
pho-carbon magnetic racing numbers

Full drivetrain swap ;)
rebuilt injectors
Air/Oil separator
replacement Sparco seat cover

wish list:
a new windshield!

2000 2.5RS Coupe - BRP
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ok, got the car back from it's comprehensive door ding repair, very pleased with the results, great price also... considering there was about 20 dings/dents in total.

here's the latest, with the new wheels and exhaust (and other stuff not visible)

finally got a new point'n'shoot camera as well.


99'RS w/EJ205, 16'340i 13'Volt
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gorgeous indeed.

random question, what front turn signals are those and where did u get them? thanks!

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Car is beautiful....its so cool your girl is into the car as much as you. You couldnt catch my girl at an AutoX with me

2000 2.5RS Coupe - BRP
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that wheel and tire combo looks awesome. Nice and meaty, but stylish at the same time.

what's kind of interesting about that combo... I went from a 225/45/17 Yokohama AD08 on 7.5" BBS wheels to a 225/50/16 Yokohama AD08 on 7.5" SSR wheels... so, essentially everything is fundamentally the same (more sidewall, but almost identical height). The new tire measures 7/16" wider.. weird?
The offset on the SSR is 5mm further out as well, so all total this new combo barely fit under my fenders... crazy.

2000 2.5RS Coupe - BRP
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replacing this seems to have fixed my random CEL issue
(knocks on wood)

2000 2.5RS Coupe - BRP
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some recent incar video.... car is feeling pretty good this season, a top time of day for me, and my wife was right behind (a *wet* practice day)

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