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My employer plans on moving our office downtown into the "neighborhood improvement zone" later this summer. This makes me nervous about all sorts of things; one of them is my car. I realize that my RS is not worth a lot, but it's valuable to me, and it is an automatic, so truly any idiot can drive it. I have the Code Alarm system that was installed by the dealer when the car was new. It is nothing but a noise maker. My car got broken into one time while I was staying out in Portland, Oregon. That alarm is useless.

Today I asked the Subaru dealer whether it was possible to upgrade the security to include the sort of passive immobilizer system that their new cars come with. They said no. Is it even possible to install a system like that aftermarket? If not, is having a fuel cutoff switch installed my best choice?

A pager alarm system sounds nice as well, although if it went off I'm not sure I'd be able to do much except freak out because the public parking lots and garages are all several blocks away from the office building.

I'm intrigued by the idea of a removable steering wheel, but I don't know if that would actually be effective or just really amusing. I'm sure carrying around my car's steering wheel would start some conversations.

Taking public transit and/or carpooling in somebody else's car seem like my best options. :(

Thanks in advance to anyone who has some advice or opinions on this stuff.
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