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Advice needed for getting new rims and tires.

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I got my 2000 impreza about two weeks ago, and I'm considering putting some new rims and tires on it. Anyone know of any good sites to check out that have a nice selection? I'm looking for some 40 series tires with 17 or 18 inch chrome or silver rims.
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17" wheels look great on an RS... 18" doesn't look any better and it only adds unsprung weight, which hurts performance. Stick with 17".

Also, silver looks MUCH better than chrome on an RS. Chrome really doesn't suit a Subaru very well, plus you'll get flak from people about it.

Check out to start, then look at places like and elsewhere....

My personal favorite is the Revolution RZX in 17", anthracite with the diamond polished silver rim. You can see it on
A 40 profile is a smidge too low, I think, unless the car is NOT an RS. Then a 215/40/17 might be ok.
215/40/17 is definately ok but a 45 profile is optimum for 17 inch rims.
I'd agree and say that go with the 215/40 if you have to, or better yet, go 215/45 I had 215/40 17" paradas on my car for a while, and they were kinda harsh, the 215/45's felt smoother, (because of the sidewall) and still offered me better sidewall stiffness and grip than the crap re-92's (but then again, just about anything is better for grip than RE-92's)

Also having a lower sidewall could mean damage from potholes and ruts in the road, The roads where I live are perpetually under construction, and they always look like a moonscape...
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