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Advance Timing Kit

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I'm wondering if this advance timing kit auctioned on is worth it? It makes the ECU think that colder air is entering the engine, (somehow) providing more power. Does it look like it will be compatible with the's Powerchip? Peace!
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I wouldn't get it, even if it was real. Something that tricks the computer in to thinker the air is colder then what it actually is. I wouldn't be the guinea pig on this one man.
I'm not supporting this product any more than you would, but it seems that there are more than one bid on this product. Guinea pigs they are! :p
This is a pretty common way of keeping the timing from getting pulled back by the ECU. The circuit alters the charge temp sensor voltage to hold the higher advance on timing, increasing power.

I wouldn't condemn ECU trickery unless I was happy with stock performance.

Apex'i does pretty good for tricking ECU's.
I think that's a thumb's up then.... I'll do some more research before I decide on it. *twitch* Gotta save for the SC, can't stop for anything. *twitch*
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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