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adding lumbar support to driver's seat

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Did any of you add lumbar padding like this (see
link below) to the driver's seat?

If so, how did you do it?

The 2.5RS seat does not come with zippers, but there appears to be a "clip" holding the ends of the driver's seat cover together at the bottom. Did you remove this to add the foam and then put it back on? Or what did you do?

How much foam? More than the picture?

Also, did the modification work? Were you happy enough with the added support that you didn't need any additional lumbar support cushions, etc?

I have not done anything yet. It appears the driver's seat has less padding than the front passenger's and rear passenger's seats! Why?

Judging from my experience, even just 1/4 inch more padding would be enough without adding adjustable lumbar support. This is one feature I miss most from my 1991 Subaru Loyale sedan.
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Not yet, but I'm probably spending my state tax refund on it. I want new seats, but don't have the cash. So I did some research on i-Club a long time ago (a year or more), found a member who'd reupholstered their seats and liked it. A long while later, a month or so ago, I called around to local Iowa/Illinois auto upholstery shops, to see what they could do.

I basically want added lumbar support, softer cushioning under the butt and maybe on my back, and HARDER bolstering next to my legs and ribs. As you know, the RS stock seats are the opposite, and poorly designed--hard under cushions, and rubbery-soft support bolsters. All backwards.

So I found a place that said they can do it for $90/seat. Dunno if that's good, bad or ugly. But it's cheaper than new seats, no matter what. He said he can soften the seats below, not sure how... it's molded cushion I think, so.... But he can add stuff to the bolsters, make them taller and stiffer. I'd probably add a small layer to the headrest, they feel like bricks.

Only take him a day to do. The thing is I have Katzkin leather in mine (light grey), I've no idea how he can alter the seat shape and still allow the leather to fit back on. But he says he can. We'll talk again when I get my money.

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I have the sparco lumbar support pads for my racing seats. when I drove for MD to FL, I put my stock seat back in and sitll used the sparco lumbar support pads. They have velcro to attach to the race seats and you could probably put some velcro on the stockers to make them stick. Plus they say sparco and look cool and only cost 20 bucks.

Anthony C
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