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Adding a third brake light?

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Hey guys. If you guys remember I posted on i-club how my spoiler decided to fly away a little while ago. So...I ordered a SYMS one (which got here in 1 DAMN DAY!!! I ordered normal shipping from SPO Motorsports-based in OR- and it got here the next day. they even gave me a little Herschey Chocolat mini candy thing. pretty cool)......anyways im thinking about adding a third brake light. any suggestions? Hm...maybe i can take the stock spoiler light and stick it on the ceiling of the car in the rear window (inside cabin).... what do you guys think?
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that seems like a good idea and not a very hard mod. you could even just let it rest in between the rear speakers, but maybe it wouldn't be visible due to the wing.
I saw a brake light under the license plate of an M3. It didn't look too bad.

Nick C.
Andrew, I think there are cutouts in the rear dash for the factory third brake light. Hit a wrecking yard and I bet you can buy one cheap. I would not be surprised if it was wired already from the factory, too. You know how these manufacturers are - wire it for everything but include nothing... i.e., Why not trunk light, SOA?
im not a fan of the huge third brake light. i was thinking of a thin strip of LED lights (like a spoiler has). oh well ill deal with it later.
i was thinking of a thin strip of LED lights
That is what the M3 had, just a think strip underneath, I thought it was neato.

Nick C.
And the girl driving the car was hot!:flame:
neato? who says neato? :p but that does sound cool. hot chicks are always cool too :D
Might be taking mine out of the back windshield. Be willing to part it if your intrested.
LED 3rd brakelight

Hit a Ford dealer up for one like the new Taurus SEL, they run a single row of LED's across where most have the big double bulb third eye. I couldn't offer advice on mounting since I'm new to the Suby scene.

as a side note I had a '90 Pulsar that had two seperate third lights, one on the spoiler that worked with the rear lid on and one mounted inside hanging down from the roof that worked when the rear deck was off, I thought it was cool and was Really bright, but good luck finding them in the junkyards
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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