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After months of looking at cars I decided I either wanted a subaru legacy 2.5gt or a 2.5rs. And one day my mom found a 2.5rs on craigslist. So we went and looked at it the next day and decided we wanted it. It had 148,000 and the guy was asking $4,800 for it. I checked Kelly Blue Book and and it said was worth 6,800:eek:. He told us that there was another buyer interested in it that was going to STI swap it and that he told the other buyer he had one more day to come up with the money. So I was anxious:noes: all day at school the next day and didn't tell a soul I looked at it so I wouldn't jinx myself. I finally got home from school and my mom told me the other buyer didn't come through and that we were going to pick it up.:clap: We talked him down to $4,500 and I had myself my first car.
5/11/08 The day I got it.


Sylvania Ultra stars.
Hella fog bulbs.
Yellow Corner bulbs.
Ebay clear marker lights.
DIY clear corners.
DIY Trunk De-badge.( Then a DIY Re-Badge)
New windsheild.
Buff and wax the crap out of it.
New Emblem.
Painted stockers

Dual Headunit.
Head Unit mounting kit.
I-pod mount
Alpine Type-S components.
Alpine Type-S 5.25" rear deck speakers.
New trunk carpet.
Extended armrest extension.
Glovebox weight removal.
Drivers side lower dash weight removal.
ABS switch
Ricer dead pedal
Glovebox light
Foglight mod.
Removed sound deadening
50/50 switch

Engine/ Exhaust:
Injen Cold air Intake. ( back to stock for now.)
Borla Replica headers.
Stromung High-flow cat.
Custom 2.25" Mid-pipe with a 18" resonator
Stromung dual tip axle back.
TB Coolant bypass.
Painted engine brackets.

Toyo Proxies 4 Mounted and balanced with alignment.
KYB AGX Shocks.
Prodrive P1 springs.
New alignment.
Whiteline adjustable 24mm Rear sway bar.
20mm 2005 STI front swaybar.
OEM Heavy Duty Rear Swaybar Brackets.
Whiteline Standard Rear Endlinks.
Sparco front strut tower brace.
Ghetto fab rear crossbrace.

Used Brembo sport drilled rotors Front and Rear
Used EBC Red Stuff front brake pads
Goodridge Braided brake lines.
Valvoline DOT4 Brake fluid.

My brothers Legacy got totaled and he had a lot of mods on it that we swapped from his car to mine. He didn't have and of his stock pieces so we had a few friends help us rush to swap my stock parts for his aftermarket ones. It is off that car that got my brakes, rear sway bar, and trunk carpet out off.

My brother on his Legacy

My brother getting the rotors off

The sway bar fit but it hung down a bit low and the STi exhaust

Kauffman Tire had the lugs on way way to tight so we found a good cheater bar.

I started pouring, but we were determined.

Back Seat removed and new trunk carpet.

Matt with the new suspension.

Behold... The super extended armrest extension.

We finished swapping the all parts in two days, it took Allstate one month to pick the car up.:bonk: He got rear ended and hit the car in front of him, all three car were insured by Allstate. It took them a month to pick the car up, and he already got a new car but he still haven't received his money.:curse:

Before the legacy got hit, by a 89 year old woman driver.

We took some pictures the other day of my car with my friends STi, and my brothers new car (1999 2.5rs)


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Well I have come to terms with the fact that it is alway gonna be a slow car so I might as well make it handle really well. I don't know what to do next right now I'm out of money. wait now i Know i'm gonna try to make it not sound like ass. So maybe a stromung axle back is next...

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Nice! Looks good man. Curious though as to why you got rid of the top mount CAI and went with the injen? Any differences?
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