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A1 intake?

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Anyone have one of these? Looks like it would lose some low end and suck in water. Hope the pics work.

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I wouldn't put it on my car. Probably loses a bit a low end power, the flex pipe looks too restricive to help the top end much (too much bending), and I don't see any kind of a drain provision in those pics, and that will suck some water in, wether from rain or a car wash. Good idea, poor execution, IMHO.
Looks like a poorly made DIY deal. I don't even see an air filter on there anywhere.
i wanna see a closer picture of the engine bay if possible
I'll try and take a closer one tomorrow if they show up and I can remember.
Well with your Foldger's exhaust and Four door's you should get at least 90hp from it you white Beotch!!!
Sup JC:stupid:
But you are much more likely to suck water in from an intake that is sealed up to the hood scoop like that one than you are with an intake that gets air from the fender (GanzFlow, Cobb).
If you are refering to the original pics, I don't know where they went, they weren't hosted on my site. If you are talking about the pics I was supposed to take, they had a family emergency and couldn't attend the meet.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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