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A Sightin' this afternoon!!!!!

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This afternoon I was getting of the 2 FWY going into San Fernando Rd. we both acknowledged I gave the Rock on! sign Yes I brought it Back!! (The Rock on sign) Silver RS just like mine!!!
Sweet ride I like your Fogs!! are you in the board, are you from L.A.????

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Hey, that was me :) I just dropped off my friend after brunch. I was staying in glendale for the weekend, visiting family and friends for the easter weekend. You live around glendale??

gave you the rock on sign back!!

I got the PIAA 520 fogs.... i got those cuz i hit a tire on the freeway :curse:

What exhaust do you have on your car? sounds pretty sweet hearing it echo when you took off under that bridge :nuetron:

Yeah!I live in glendale I'm Rally_FJ75 on the WRX board! I have the A'pexi N-1 exhaust Wow!! an Actual Sighting!!!!
Chevy Chase Canyon Run perhaps sometime?????
Ain't true though!?:biggest:
hey, thought it was you, rally.. didn't know you have different names on here and i-club :biggest:

next time i'm in town, i'll let you know...

Yeah! I know that way if I piss someone off they won't know who I am!!!
Just kidding Dude! that's Awesome let me know man I'm down to hook-up and go for a run sometime I'm always up for it!!! I was actually going to turn around yesterday but I couldn't so I just left home I live maybe a mile from where you saw me yesterday...I live close to the Rally's on the corner of San Fernando and Brand...:biggest:

cool...i'm in front of GHS between broadway and wilson.
dunno when i'd be goin up to glendale next...

actually, i think i'm goin up this coming weekend again, a friend of mine's havin a bday party and i'm probably stayin in glendale :)

Dude Let me know...I think the Rally-X is this weekend though are you going? I think we might have a meet and then go, this place is in Corona I think Rennick is racing his monster of a car there but we'll see...
well, i'm autocrossing saturday morning @ the Q,then drivin up to manhattan beach or somethin for my friend's bday party. So i can probalby meet up on sunday

I thought the Autocross at the Q was sunday and the Rally-X on Saturday or maybe I'm all wrong...Shit you would know since you are competing there!!!...but at any rate If you're down on Sunday let's roll...

autoX is on both saturday and sunday, but the practice is on saturday. I"m not really competing. I just wanna do the practice runs cuz you get at least twice as many runs for paying the same $$

Sounds Good!!!

Cool then let's see if we can hook up this weekend then just let me know...Hey maybe we can organize a meet on Sunday and go on a run through Chevy Chase canyon what you think???

Hey Vic you down for this Weekend? let me know Bro!
don't think i'm comin up this weekend dood... sorry:( come down to the autoX, man! :biggest: it's so much fun! You can chill at my pad if you need a place to stay or somethin...
That's cool thanks for the offer but I have a couple of things I need to take care of saturday, maybe sunday I'll let you know..
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