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Local events are meaningless.....

....if you're seriously considering a run at nationals. Local events will keep you in-tune with the car and give you a cheap place to test different setups, parts, etc... but the competition at divisional and national level is EXTREMELY tough. These guys and gals are spending thousands in dyno time, school time, and travel time to put together the best combination for a given class. The RS isn't Homolgated for IT racing, so we're at a disadvantage already since Fiats, Civics, BMW's, etc...can be stripped and converted to IT race specs. That makes them SUPER light. The wheel rules alone give them just as much traction as we get and the development time in these cars are decades in the making. Those running DSP in an Impreza are doing all the R&D that these other cars learned in the 80's and early 90's.

That said, there's alot of potential with alternate intake/header design, aftermarket ECU's and tarmac rally suspension setups. All of witch I'm looking into now.

If you just like running the setup you have, by all means run and have a blast. The RS is a freak on race rubber and tight suspensions.

Evan said:
Funny, DSP around here isn't that tough I guess. If I had been classed correctly at the last auto-x (my first with the RS) I would have won DSP by over 1 second. Classed in STS I wound up in 4th. Here's the kicker - my mods are springs, custom exhaust and a Sparco steering wheel! Next weekend is the 2nd event of the NC Autocross Championships, we'll see how I do against the rest of the state.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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